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I have a husband who is a pain in the neck to buy for. There, I said it. Now do not get me wrong, I love to buy gifts for people. But, when my husband tells me every birthday, anniversary and Christmas he has everything he needs, it kind of gets under my skin. To make my holiday shopping even more complicated this year,  I now have a future son-in-law who is equally hard to buy for. My husband and son-in-law have all the golf stuff they need, plenty of clothes and shoes and more ties than you can shake a stick at. Thank goodness they are both into tech gadgets, which is an industry that changes every few months. If you have a guy who is tricky to buy gifts for but has a geeky side, I have a few great ideas for you.

Gift Ideas For The Guy Who Has Everything

Gift Ideas For The Guy Who Has Everything

  1. Multi-Device Keyboard: This is pretty cool. You can use this keyboard on up to 3 devices. You can type a document on your computer and with the touch of a switch, you can answer a tweet on your tablet or a text on your smartphone.
  2. Smartpen: This handy little device can record audio while you take notes and then you can play them back later. I wish I had this when I was in nursing school!
  3. Mobile Projector: Although this product is designed for small businesses, schools or for corporate conferences, this would be great for home use as well. I know my kids would have a blast with it if their dad does not!
  4. Smartwatch: A good looking smartwatch brings you the stylish look the fashion conscience wants with the convenience of a smart notifier. This way you can be in touch with your man can be in touch with his GQ as well as his geek side.


I am so excited to have finally found the perfect gift for both Chris and Mike. These are two guys who are lost without a watch as well as their smartphone. My husband lost his watch about a month ago and he kept asking me for the time, even though it was right there on his smartphone. For Mike, he travels for business, so not only does he need to look professional, but he needs to stay connected. With the Martian Notifier smartwatch, you get the best of both worlds. This super cool watch is a stylish analog watch with an integrated OLED readout that keeps you informed while your phone is tucked away. You are able to get the ability to receive real-time alerts and notifications on your Martian Notifier watch.

You use the watch with the free Martian Notifier App, and you automatically get notifications like your Caller ID, texts, Weather, Email, Calendar, your favorite games, social media alerts and more. What notifications you get is completely up to you as it is totally customizable. You also get a silent alarm, customized vibration patterns, find phone feature, camera shutter and you can remotely initiate the voice command. Another cool feature I love about the Martian Notifier is the Quick Change Watch Bands. With the touch of the quick release knob on the back, you can easily change the band with one of seven colors! The watch is compatible with your iPhone, iPad, and Android devices and at just $130, it is affordable for virtually every budget. You can purchase the Martian Notifier watch from Target, Amazon, Shop.com and Best Buy, just to name a few. Stay current with the latest from Martian Watches and follow them on Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. One USA reader will win one Martian Notifier Watch ARV $130.00.

Which of these hard to buy for guys gifts for the geek would you choose?


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