I get a kick out of watching television this time of year. We are inundated with commercials geared towards the kids in the room. We get to see all of the latest and greatest gifts, toys and gadgets for kids. This is the time of year my kids will educate me on all that is new and fun for kids. This year, Caitlin is moving away from toys and games now that she is 15. She is more into clothes, jewelry and accessories for her hair. Henry on the other hand is still very into toys and games. He loves to play with anything that will kill, break, destroy or otherwise annihilate the opponent. One thing at the top of his list is the Hasbro B-Daman Crossfire, which is a hot gift this season. But, hey, if it is from Hasbro, it is bound to be in the top toy list, right?

Why The B-Daman Crossfire Is A Hot Gift

The toys and board games from Hasbro have been in homes across the country since 1928. They have some of the hottest games every single year, even when I was a kid! I remember my sister and I playing with our Mr. Potato Head and Lite-Brite for hours. We had 8 of us in the family, so Monopoly was a favorite on family game night. Things could get pretty competitive, especially between my older brothers! When I look back on my childhood, Hasbro is a large part of many happy memories. One of the newest and very hot toys this season is the B-Daman Crossfire Break Bomber Battlefield Set, which retails for $29.99. Why Is The Hasbro  B-Daman Crossfire A Hot Gift? Because it is a fast moving battle game that uses marbles to break down your enemy’s territory. The game comes with a  Thunder Dracyan and Lightning Dravise figure. Each of your Wide Magazine accessories takes 10 marbles at a time, so you can do less loading and more blasting. Who will triumph in the end Load up your marbles and start taking down your targets.

We were also sent several other toys that I have tucked away to put under the tree for Henry. These are also hot, hot, hot this season, so you better grab them early!

  • B-Daman Crossfire BD-14 Lightning Scorpio Figure: Let your B-Daman fan get ready to attack his opponent. The figure, which retails for $8.99, launches marbles and lets our child take aim at his fierce enemy.
  • Beywarriors Shogun Steel Octagon Showdown Set: This toy is perfect for boys ages 8+ and retails at virtually all toy stores for $39.99 and is new this fall. This set comes complete with all you need for the ultimate warrior showdown. The Beywarriors can spin, crash, and bump off one another which is perfect for Henry! You will get the arena, 2 Beywarriors, 2 zip cords, and 2 collector cards that will unlock more battles online.
  • Beyblade Shogun Steel BeyWarriors BW-08 Pirate Orochi Battler: This action figure from the BeyWarriors line retails for $9.99 and will spin and smash in the best of battles. Play with your friends with one of the many other figures in the line of rip cord powered toys.
  • Kre-O CityVille Invasion Skyscraper Mayhem Construction Set: This is the ultimate building set for your Kre-O fan and retails for $39.99. Your child can build their own city defend it from invasion. The set comes with 431 pieces to build a huge skyscraper and 3 vehicles. See Vance Valor battle your Dr. Mayhem and see what the outcome will be!
  • Kre-O CityVille Invasion Marina Madness Construction Set: This set, which retails for $21.99,  allows your child to build a terrific marina with 206 pieces! You will be able to play with Sharktooth, Dockhand Rusty, Sergeant Splash, Lt. Mari Time and Ray Manta Kreon figures for your seaside adventure! One of the set’s most fun features is the Sonic Motion brick which makes real ocean sounds!

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  1. My grandson would love this! My granddaughter would love the “My Little Pony” Memory game… Thanks for the chance!

  2. Oh man it is hard to pick one, Hasbro has a lot of great toys. A lot of toys my girls have (and want) are hasbro, but I would have to say anything my little pony!

  3. One of my favorite games from their site is Yahtzee! I have no idea why I love it so much, but I’ve been playing it since I was a kid and it’s still awesome 🙂

  4. There is a LITTLE little girl here, just over two and EVERY time she SEES the My little Pony Twilight Sparkle Princess Pony.. she says I WANT THAT. And indeed she would.

  5. Agree with you about all the great toys out this season. I was trying to win the Twister Dance package for kids on another site. Maybe I’ll get lucky this time but that would be my favorite product right now. You only need one person to use this toy, which is nice when you can’t get the group together.

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