springSandals_1There are so many places to purchase shoes (especially online) that it can sometimes be overwhelming.  There are the huge name stores and websites that we’ve all probably heard about on tv, but I’m not shopping at those places anymore, and I’ll tell you why.  I was browsing the Houser Shoes website and decided to click on the “About Us” tab to learn a little more about the company since I wasn’t familiar with them.  Right there, big and bold at the top of that section was this quote:

“Customers are the most important part of any business.”

The author of that quote is Hauser Shoes owner, Gary Hauser.  I’ve worked many years in retail, and what I’ve discovered over the years is that so many businesses aren’t treating customers as they used to (or should).  To find a quote so prominently displayed on Hauser Shoes website makes it clear that they know what’s important and how to treat their customers, and that’s exactly the kind of company I want to give my business to.  To top that off, they carry a HUGE selection of footwear, clothing, bags, and more, with prices up to 75% off of normal retail prices!  If you’re lucky enough to live in GA, KY, NC, SC, TN, you can shop in one of their huge retail stores, but if you’re in one of the other 45 states (like I am) their website is easy to use and has great selection!  Plus, they’ve been in business since 1976, so they’re not going anywhere, and they’ve been doing this long enough to get it right!  Oh, and the part where you can get an even better deal – just place an order of $59.88 or more, and you get free FedEx ground shipping!  That’s a deal considering it’s not usually very hard to spend at least $59.88 on new shoes!

Next time you or a family member is in the market for new footwear, head on over to Hauser Shoes first.  You’ll be dealing with a stand-up company that offers competitive prices and actually takes pride in how they treat their customers.