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Have Flowers Delivered From 1-800-Flowers.com

Have Flowers Delivered

Name me a woman who does not love to have flowers delivered and I will call her up and tell what she is missing out on!  I know flowers are a gift that has a short life span, but there is just something about getting a gorgeous bouquet of spring flowers delivered to you.  For several years, my husband has bought me a single flower for our anniversary.  He has been really good about not repeating the same flower from year to year and I am never disappointed.  My mother on the other-hand thinks giving flowers is stupid and a waste of money.  I think she says that because she has been single for about 100 years and hasn’t gotten flowers during that time.  That is a pretty long time to go without a floral pic-me-up, don’t you think?  I like to give flowers on days that aren’t for a particular holiday because that way you aren’t expecting them.  When I worked in a large office several years ago, it was really funny to see how women acted on Valentine’s Day or their birthday.  Every time the elevators would Bing, they would snap their head around to see if they had anything being delivered!  Too funny.

1-800-Flowers are one of the most familiar and respected floral delivery companies on the market today.  This company has proven over and over again how fresh and beautiful their floral designs are.  If you are thinking of sending flowers, this is the go to place for unique arrangements in beautiful containers. How many times have you gotten flowers that were delivered from another company and the vase was hideous?  I have about 13 million times and I have donated every one of them to the Goodwill.  What you can expect from 1-800-flowers is a gorgeous arrangement that is delivered on time by incredibly professional and friendly staff.  What 1-800-Flowers can expect from you is a huge smile on your face and quite possibly a few tears of joy and surprise.

Flowers For Any Occasion

I love the flexibility that you can order flowers for any occasion.  When I was given the opportunity to review a flower arrangement from 1-800-Flowers.com, I knew exactly who to send them to.  I wanted to give them to a friend who needed a bright spot in her day.  She had recently gone through a rough patch and I wanted her to know she was loved and appreciated.  I didn’t place the order until the end of the week and I was going to have them delivered to her office.  When I got the notification they were scheduled for delivery on Saturday, I panicked because I knew no one would be in her office until Monday.  A quick message to the 1-800-Flowers line and they changed the delivery date until Monday!!  Now that is some customer service for you!  My friend called me Monday evening and asked if I knew anything about a beautiful bouquet she had received earlier!  She said it was the most gorgeous and unexpected floral arrangement she has ever had!  Way to go 1-800-Flowers!

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