Taggie Blanket


I have a teething 9 month old on my hands and she loves anything soft and silky.  Hazy Mae Designs Etsy Shop has the cutest taggie security blankets I have ever seen!  We had the opportunity to try the “Just Buggie” design and my little Grace fell in love with her new blanket.  It kept her entertained for well over an hour, she loves different textures and this blanket doesn’t disappoint.  Of course, if you have ever had a 9 month old you know that everything needs to pass the stick it in your mouth test…well after the hour passed it was soaked.  I threw it in the wash and it came out fantastic.  I keep it attached to her car seat so she always has a something to play with (suck on) and can keep warm when the AC is cranked all the way down in the car.  One side is a cute bug pattern with a ton of vibrant colors and a little sparkle, so adorable.  The other side is a super soft fleece in solid pink.  My older daughter loves to point to the bugs on the blanket and tell her sister what kind of bugs they are, so its educational as well(BONUS)! The blanket measures 11″ x 11″ and has 24 tags of varying lengths, colors and textures (including 1 loop with an attached toy link).  The ends of the ribbon have been heat sealed to help prevent unraveling.  This blanket is extremely well made and the attention to detail is awesome, the edge of the blanket has a double stitch for extra durability (goodness knows its going to need it to stand up to the challenges my child is going to put it through).  These blankets are very reasonably priced at $12+ shipping.  Hazy Mae Designs has a wide variety of other items such as: mini taggie crinkle toys, crayon rolls and baby/toddler leg warmers.  You can also find them on Facebook.

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