Heading into Week 4 on Nutrisystem

I can’t believe it has already been almost a month on the Nutrisystem plan!  I am surprised each time I try a new product and find it to be so delicious!  I had such reservations when I began this plan as I was sure everything would taste like cardboard!  Boy was I off base on that prediction!  I have some favorites and some not so favorite, but that is only because I had never tried certain flavors before.  I am just not a spicy food person, so the few dinners, like the Moroccan chicken, had some kick to them, so they will take some getting used to.  The lasagna and the black beans are absolutely delicious!  Remind me to get more of those next time!!  Because I am able to add vegetables and fruits to my food plan, I stir fry a lot of veggies, and add different seasonings, depending on the meal.  For instance, the chicken quesadillas are delicious and to add some bulk to them, I added some cooked onions, tomatoes and peppers.  A few nights ago, I had the chicken breast, which I added to a stir fry of several of my favorite veggies.  Isn’t it beautiful!?  If you are interested in the Nutrisystem program, you can visit their website, check them out on Facebook or follow them on Twitter.

I am still struggling with the night time munchies and not cheating.  We had to take my daughter to the hospital and after spending 8 hours there, I was exhausted and my husband brought food home from the Chinese place around the corner.  I was so hungry because I didn’t bring anything with me as I had no idea we would be there so long.  I wolfed down a dinner of white rice, broccoli and sesame chicken.  And to add insult to injury, I ate both portions as it was meant to be a dinner for two.  The other thing I have been doing is eating pretzels at night.  I didn’t think it would really hurt as the fat and calorie counts aren’t too bad.  The issue is the dang salt?!  I didn’t even think about how much sodium I was taking in.  I just had to tell my husband to stop bringing any snacks into the house because I am still tempted.  My other issue is that I was smoking about ½ pack per day and I promised I would quit once I started Nutrisystem.  I had quit smoking for 11 years and then 3 years ago when I was in nursing school, I was under so much stress that I started again.  It was the dumbest think I have done in a really long time!!  So, now I am fighting the cravings for my snack foods and cigarettes.  Oddly enough, the cigarettes are easier to say no to than the munching.  I know I need to give myself a break and keep pushing through.  Until next week…

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