Healthy Alternatives For Halloween Candy

With the countdown to Halloween getting smaller with each day, I thought I would share a few Healthy Alternatives For Halloween Candy. Since most of the bloggers on Makobi Scribe are watching our weight, it seemed a logical post to do! I never think of healthy options for Halloween treats because we all love the high calorie treats at Halloween. It would be so nice to find a healthy substitute for those delicious candies. If you are a health conscious person, you probably want to find the healthiest option out there. Whether you are looking for yourself in order to not gain the extra holiday pounds or for your child to avoid a dentist visit in the future, it is not easy. Especially, this time of year it is hard to find that healthy snack that both parents and kids can agree on. Here are a few suggestions to hand out on Halloween.

Healthy Alternatives For Halloween Candy

  • Small Toys: You can find a rather inexpensive solution from the dollar bins at your local Super Stores. Jelly bracelets, spider rings, and stickers.
  • PopChips: A new company, popchips, has come up with an great new concept to your normal Halloween treats.
  • Keychains, colored pencils or erasers: All kids love to play with office supplies. Or at least mine do! You can even find mini-tape dispensers.
  • Mini-toothbrushes: I would have to say you will be the non-liked neighbor, but it is a choice many still use!

Keith and Pat, co-founders of popchips, spent over a year perfecting this naturally delicious snack that consumers could eat and not feel guilty about calories. What this pair developed is a low calorie chip that is big on flavor! Katy Perry, the new face of popchips new tortilla chip line, has some celebrity friends who are crazy about this new treat. Among the snacking celebs are Ashton Kutcher and Heidi Klum. And this company definitely does not fall short on taste. With flavors such as nacho cheese, ranch, chili limon, and salsa (from their NEW Tortilla line) how could you resist a bag? Did I mention they are also made with all natural ingredients? Everything from stone ground corn masa, real cheddar cheese, buttermilk, and a touch of paprika extract. If you are not sold already, how about letting you know there are no preservatives, no cholesterol and no fake flavors. All real. All delicious. You can get them in individual and share bags (12 or 24 counts) for $20.50 or $25.50. You have a chance to win your own sampler assortment by filling out the GT form below.


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  1. I’ve only tried the Barbeque Pop Chips, so I guess they are my favorite, for now. But I really want to try some of the other flavors!! :0)

  2. I love popchips! I bought a variety box a couple weeks ago and my favorite kind was the Thai Sweet Chili Potato Chips!!

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