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Are you a pet lover? If you are, you are one of almost a billion people worldwide who are. Of the most popular pets to own, the dog is almost at the top. What a wonderful companion a dog can be. For many, especially those who are flying solo in life, a dog fits the “best friend” bill to a “T”. For many families, a dog is a companion and playmate to their children as well as themselves. As a dog needs to be walked at least twice a day for their own exercise; what a wonderful way to get your own exercise in as well! In our home, we have a Boston Terrier and he has been such a wonderful pet for my husband, myself and the boys. These boys can give him a workout and he just bounces back and keeps coming back for more. In order to be sure he gets the best food to keep his healthy, we feed him ALPO® wet dog food.

Healthy Dog Food

Purina is the parent company to the ALPO® brand. Purina has been one of the largest and most trusted providers of fine pet food for more than 80 years. The folks at Purina care very much about your pet, because they are all pet lovers themselves. Because they would never sell you a product they would not feed their own pet, it is easy to see why their products are so darn awesome!  The research teams at Purina are some of the top in the industry; always working towards ways to serve you and your pets. Only the finest ingredients can be found in their products to give your pet the most balanced and healthy products possible.

When Fenway tried the ALPO® Chop House Chucks in gravy and the ALPO® Homestyle Prime cuts gravy cravers, you could tell he loved them by the way he chowed down. You can find these as well as the other varieties where pet food is sold.  The ALPO® wet dog food line is made with your dog’s nutrition in mind. The ALPO® wet dog food is a 100% complete balanced diet which is made with healthy protein sources, wholesome grains and vegetables for each life stage. The combination of these ingredients will assure your dog a shiny coat, strong bones and teeth and energy for him to play and act like a pup all day long! You can learn more about the ALPO® wet dog food line by visiting the ALPO’s Facebook Page and ALPO’S HOMEPAGE.

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