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Some days it seems like we are never going to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Always running from one appointment to another then only to pick up the kids and take them to practice, rehearsals the beach, whatever. Today it seems that everyone is always on the move. This makes it really hard to find the time to eat healthy. There are so many convenient ways to get food nowadays that it seems convenience trumps quality when we are making meal choices for ourselves and our families. I know that getting yourself into healthy eating habits seems like an insurmountable challenge without adding more hours to the day, but here’s some healthy eating options for you to consider that don’t take a lot of time.

Healthy Eating Made Easy

  • Protein Shakes: Making your own protein shakes at home in the morning allows you to fill up on whats healthy, giving you the energy to attack the day. The flavor options are limitless and it will save you a few greenbacks.
  • Raw Foods: Keep it simple. find some fruits and vegetable that you like to eat raw and prepare them the night before. It only take a few minutes. Take it easy on the ranch dressing though or you’ll be defeating the whole concept.
  • Veestro Nature’s Cuisine: Getting quality healthy meals that taste good for your family these days is getting harder and harder. Veestro is here to make eating healthier easier with their 100% plant based ready to eat meals.


Even at home we often go for the easiest thing when comes to making dinner for our families. Sometimes it just feels like you can’t get home in time to get a good meal ready for your family without keeping everyone up way past their bedtimes. Veestro has made getting healthy delicious meals for our families a snap. They have a wide variety of flavors available for every meal of the day like Oatmeal Breakfast Pie, 3 Layer Scramble, Soba Noodle with Peanut Sauce and my personal favorite, The Enchilada Casserole.



These meals are ready to eat and only take about 15 minutes of prep time so they’re perfect fro anytime of day. Just take out them of the freezer and pop them right into the oven and viola! a healthy delicious meal. All meals are 100% plant based, organic and GMO free. All the nutritional information is listed on each container as well, so n counting calories if your trying to slim down a bit. Veestro invites you take their Summer Slim Down Challenge for yourself and see how eating a healthy whole food based diet can change your life. Shop Veestro now through September 15, 2015 using the promo code MAKOBI and receive 20% off your entire order.


What are your daily challenges for getting a good meal on the table for your family?