Healthy Snack Alternatives That Are Gluten Free

I am on a quest to find healthy snack alternatives that are gluten free for my son.  Henry, who is 11, has autism and research has shown gluten free foods can help with some of the issues related to his disorder.  There is a link that has been found between the foods that are non-gluten free, like mac and cheese, white bread, French fries, and potatoes.  The irony of this is that many kids with autism have issues with food textures and tend to have a very limited menu.  Guess what foods are those that Henry loves the most?  Yep..the foods on the list that can trigger the negative aspects of his autism.  I was really scared to try the gluten free diet because I was afraid we would face even more issues because Henry couldn’t have what he was used to eating.  I decided to do some research and find some snacks that he would like that were also gluten free.  I thought once I got the idea introduced, then we would have an easier time making the eventual complete changeover.  Here are some great snack ideas:

Healthy Snack Alternatives That Are Gluten Free

  • Natural Peanut Butter: Peanut butter is a great source of protein and most kids love it, but many don’t eat natural peanut butter.  I will admit it is an acquired taste, but once you get over the comparison phase, it is really yummy.  Henry loves to put the peanut butter on celery or carrots, which are also good for him.
  • Grapes: Henry LOVES grapes and could seriously eat them every single day.  In the summer we put them in the freezer for a cold treat and he really loves that.
  • Sunflower Seeds: My kids and I love roasted sunflower seeds, so this was a no brainer for us.  I put them on my salad or eat them by the handful, but I love them so much that I can eat a lot of handfuls!
  • Eggs: We are also big egg eaters, so this is a great food and the kids love nothing better than hard boiled eggs.
  • Popcorn: My kids could eat popcorn as a meal if I let them, so this is another favorite in our house.  We don’t do the microwave because we don’t like the flavor, so we make it “from scratch”.  The kids will tell you they like it when I make it “the old fashioned way”.
  • Crackers: My kids love crackers of all sorts, and the crunchier the better.  We were recently sent some of the most delicious crackers we have ever tried from Crunchmaster.  This company has a huge array of crackers and the gluten free angle is one that makes this mommy happy.

Foods That Are Good For You

Foods That Are Good For You

I know we have all been in the situation when we try to get our kids to eat foods that are good for you and it backfires miserably.  Well, thank goodness I found Crunchmaster because they have got some darn good for you foods that are YUMMY!  The folks at Crunchmaster have found a unique way of making their crackers that is a mix between the Eastern world of Japan and the Western world of the states.  In Japan, they make rice crackers on open grills and they are crispy and thin.  At Crunchmaster, they have their own spin on this method and use pure and all natural ingredients like rice, sesame, quinoa, amaranth and flax seeds.  The crackers are made in the USA and almost all of the ingredients are grown here as well with the exception of the quinoa seeds which come from South America and the flax seeds which are grown in the USA and Canada.  We were sent samples of the Multi-Grain Crackers ($10.95 for (2) 10 oz. bags) along with the newest yummy crackers for the younger crowd; Cheddar Cheezy Crisps ($6.99) and the Cinnamon & Sugar Grammy Crisps ($6.99) (but its ok for adults to like them too!).  The crackers are made from 100% whole grains are gluten and peanut free and have 50% less fat than regular cheese and cinnamon crackers and at 120 calories and 3 gr of fat for 60 crackers are good news for me who is on a weight loss journey.  I know it sounds corny, but this is really a snack solution for the whole family that is absolutely delicious, addictive and good for you!  I am so hooked on these that my husband has already threatened me with an intervention!

One reader will win a 6 pack of crackers from Crunchmaster ($38.91)


  1. The Multi-Seed / Grain Club Pack looks like a nice mix of flavours. I’d pick that.

  2. I think the Cinnamon & Sugar gammy crisps would be my favorite. I make a lot of sweet dips (chocolate chip cookie dough, funfetti, etc…) and these crackers would be perfect to use as dippers!

  3. I haven’t tried any of these crackers yet. They all sound great, but I think the Cheezy Crisps would be my favorite.

  4. We have eaten the multi grain crackers for several years now. The Sea Salt 7 Grain Crackers are wonderful and are our favorite.

  5. I tried to get the Instagram to work several times and it would not I do not know if they are having problems or what is the matter.

  6. I’m absolutely addicted to their 5 seed crackers. we just recently found crunch master and I’m so thrilled to have a selection of good tasting gluten free crackers as I have celiac disease.

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