summer friendsSummertime is hot down here in the sunshine state, but I know it gets just as hot in the other parts of the country as well. Keeping our kids eating the right things as opposed to all the sugar snacks that usually are doled out can be quite a challenge. Getting your kids into healthy summer eating habits is not only good for them but it will keep them fueled up properly for the season of all seasons. It is the time for playing hard and making new friends!

healthy summer eating

Healthy Summer Eating Keeps ‘Em On The Go

  • Minimize The Sugar: We all know kids love the sweet stuff and that it winds them up like a top, but we also know that it causes them have moody crashes and it’d just not good for them.
  • Lots Of Water: Being that it’s so hot in the summer, you need to stay on top of keeping your kids hydrated. Even eating properly causes you to lose hydration.
  • Fruits & Vegetables: Fruits and vegetables provide  the right nutrients need for the energy that they need to get through the hottest of days. There’s a million ways to try and get your kids to eat enough of them. The new PediaSure SideKicks Smoothies give your kids everything they need in way they will love.

pediasure summer drinksKids need something to help keep them cool and they want it to taste good as well. That’s a tall order when you are trying to keep them eating the right things at least most of the time. The Pediasure SideKick Smoothie mix come ready to go for those hot summer days. There couldn’t be an easier way to get your kids to eat their fruits and vegetables, and get them to smile while eating them. just add some milk in the blender with the mix and you’ve got an instant healthy summer snack for the heat of the day, or anytime of day. Don’t stop there. Made from apples, bananas, berries and sweet potatoes, the possibilities are endless for great smoothie recipes. Be sure to check out some these PediaSure approved kid friendly recipes to inspire your own creative healthy summer snack.

What’s your favorite summer snack from back in the day?