Let me start of by saying I have always been jealous of the kids when they zoom around on their cool, wheeled shoes. Then, Alabama, on Grey’s Anatomy regularly sports a pair around the hospital. I am that person too! A big kid at heart! So, when B2B approached me with a chance to review a pair of Heelys, I was thrilled to death. My two younger boys can’t wear them yet and my oldest has a few pairs, so it was MOM’s turn.  <Insert laughter here>

I say insert laughter because no matter how “cool” I think I am, when my shoes arrived, I was taught a big lesson in humility. First off, I was extremely excited like a kid. I could not wait to get the box open. I pulled the shoes out, used the special tool to remove the inserts (to let you walk like a regular shoe) and then popped the wheels in. I should know better. I did NOT read the instructions. I even pulled the tab off that had a disclaimer on it saying that by pulling this tab…

** Brief interjection**

While these are great shoes for adults and kids alike, PLEASE read the instructions, read Heelys Safety Playbook, watch the video at General Heelys Skating Info and check out the Heelys General Guide.

Can you guess what is coming next? I fell! Right on my booty. I thought I could just zoom around like they do on TV and that is not the case. For kids and coordinated adults, I am sure this skill comes naturally and easily; but I had to learn how to Heel Skate! Good thing they have training videos, and soon I am able to get around a little better. I am still a cabinet walker, but I can push off and get around the house a bit. My sons think it is funny, and love how “cool” their mommy is. I am building up to be able to Heely around the neighborhood while they ride their tricycles.

While these shoes provide a way to have fun zooming about, they are also a great form of exercise. I am thrilled with the calories that I have been burning just while trying to Heel. I also like how snazzy my shoes look. The colors are super vibrant and the you can tell the stitching is sturdy and these will last for a while with all my learning wear and tear. Thanks to Business2Blogger and Heelys for inspiring me to get active!

Heelys is throwing a Labor Day/Back-to-School special!! Between Sept 2-Sept 5, Buy one pair of Heelys, get the second pair for only $30!

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