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Helau! Riding Atop The Dusseldorf Karneval Float In Germany

February is the end of the Karneval Season in Dusseldorf, Germany. I was invited to join in by AirBerlin and share my experiences of this magical time! You can see more pictures and posts on Mom Outdoors.

As Hoppeditz “awakens,” the Düsseldorf Karneval season begins. Precisely at 11:11 am on 11/11 to be exact and the season ends on Ash Wednesday. The streets become littered with people donned in costumes downing beer in a typical German fashion for days. The precipice of the event is the parade the meanders through the city of Dusseldorf seemingly attended by the entire population, and to ride on a float is many a Dusseldorf’s dream. Air Berlin and the City of Dusseldorf graciously invited me and a few other travel bloggers to ride atop their float and adorn the crowds with thrown treats. Check out my portfolios below for pictures of the floats and costumes from the Karneval.

The German’s sure know how to have a good time. The majority of the onlookers shouted, “Helau!” in hopes of catching the attention of those tossing the goodies.

I had so much fun individually picking each person I threw the candy and treats to. Everyone was so excited and the joy was simply infectious! Young and old alike were so appreciative when their hand was met with a bobble or a sweet thrown from one of the floats. It truly was an amazing and treasured experience. I even made it into the German paper! Thanks to Jenna from GiveforGranted.com for bringing it to my attention!

“Helau!” This Karnevalsruf (Karneval Salutation) was originally hollered in 1935 by a delegation of the Mainz Prince Guard from Düsseldorf.  The salutation of “Helau” is a karneval bulwark spread throughout Germany becoming the most famous among the Call of Fools. On the Lower Rhine, the “Helau” was once a Hirtenruf (shepherd’s call).

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