I love look stylish and fabulous, like most women that aren’t stick thin, I don’t branch out of the box to often when it comes to jeans. So I was a little skeptical about contacting Hello! Skinny Jeans for a review. I had read a couple reviews on them from women claiming to be average size and absolutely loving their jeans. I thought, well maybe I’ll give it a try too. So, Hello! Skinny Jeans gladly agreed to part of the Fall Fashionista Event but let me tell you I was super nervous about trying these pants on. As soon as they arrived in the mail, which by the way was very fast, I dropped my shorts and put them on. Well, the reviews of other women were right, these jeans are awesome!! They fit perfectly and made me look much slimmer. So ok, some of you are wondering if I have super sexy legs, well the answer is NO! If I could change one thing about my body it would be my legs. I’m so self conscious of them and these jeans made them look longer and slimmer.  I’m 5 feet 2 inches so having a pair of jeans that made these little stubs look longer is SO fabulous! I also have a smaller waist then the rest of the lower body and I usually struggle with pants being too big in the waist but fitting the rest of my lower body. Not with these jeans, they fit perfectly in my waist.

Hello! Skinny Jeans sells a variety of colors and sizes with the inseam tailored to your height or desired length. I received the Skinny P’s PetiteCut. The Skinny P’s PetiteCut have a boot cute leg opening and made with the dark indigo wash. The jeans are made with a ultra-strength stretch material, giving your comfort and sex-appeal. Skinny Jeans are cut naturally in the hip so you don’t get the squished butt look. They make your butt and legs looks great!

These jeans are so fabulous they have been featured in Oprah Magazine, Today with Katie Lee and Hoda, Health, The Today Show, Rachael Ray Show, and on so many more shows and and worn by A list stars.. do you believe me now when I say how awesome these jeans are? Hello! Skinny Jeans are sold though Hello! Skinny Jean’s online store as well as several fabulous stores which can be found on the Skinny Jean’s website.

Hello! Skinny Jeans is a sponsor of the Fall Fashionista Event on October 14-19. Make sure you Like them on Facebook, Twitter,  and check out their website: Hello! Skinny Jeans  to win a pair of jeans as part of the final package!

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