Help Kids Learn Responsibility

Help Kids Learn Responsibility

I have been trying to find a good system that would help kids learn responsibility for a while now. I have tried a hand-made system using poster board and stickers. It was not the best system and it didn’t last very long. I have tried laminated charts, online programs and nothing seemed to get the kids interested in actively using them. I was looking for a program that was easy to use, was reusable, would teach the kids about being responsible and would keep them interested in continuing to use it after the honeymoon period was over! Since the kids are 13 and 10, I knew they could use a more detailed and interactive system that would help them keep track of their own activities. It is fine for me to keep up with stickers and rewards, but if the kids aren’t doing it, it does no one any good.

Fisher Kids is a truly wonderful family based company that have your family’s interest at heart. If you go to the company website, you can tell from their introduction and family photos, that this is a special family who isn’t out to just make a few bucks. Since their fist child was born, Jennifer and Greg tried to come up with the perfect chore and responsibility chart that would work for their family. One of the most powerful statements from the About Us on the Fisher Kids website is when Jennifer said, “Most importantly, we firmly believe that there are responsibilities our children should have that are done out of teamwork with the family, not because they are paid for them”. Who hasn’t forgotten to pay their kids allowance or just does not agree that kids should be rewarded for what they should be doing as part of a family unit anyway? So, with seed money from their families, Jennifer and Greg jumped into what would become the Fisher Kids Responsibility Station ($48). I have said before that my kids are poorly served if I cannot teach them to be independent of my husband and I. Thankfully Jennifer and Greg developed this 3-in-1 station that will be testimony to the company motto; if i fish for you, you eat for a day. if i teach you to fish, you eat for a lifetime.

Make Chores Fun For Children

I know my kids and they do little that does not show a pay-off for them. Heck! They are kids, so why would they not?! When I saw the Fisher Kid system, I knew it had enormous potential and I hoped it would work for my family. The 3-in-1 station covers three main areas; independent living (household chores and daily living activities), accountability/ownership of action, and financial responsibility (give, save, and spend the money you earn). I love that Jennifer and Greg knew there was more to teaching responsibility to the kids than taking out the trash and setting the table. In order to teach your kids how to become good adults, they need to also learn about budgeting, time management and service for others. I have never seen a system that was able to teach all three. I am here to tell you this is by far the most effective tool I have ever used. The kids helped put the system together (which was very easy) and wanted to get started immediately. They had a contest the first day they used it and it was funny to see them racing around scrambling for things to do. I am here to tell you it has been almost 2 weeks and they are still as active with it as the first day (scrambling aside). All I can say to Jennifer and Greg is Bless you and thank you!

One reader will win a Fisher Kids responsibility system ($48).

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