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Help Kids Sleep Better From Cloud B

Help Kids Sleep Better

I think at some time or another we have all looked for ways to help kids sleep better.  We had a really hard time with Henry sleeping through the night, especially when we moved to another state right when we were trying to transition from the crib to a bed.  When he was a little over 2 years old one of our best friends had a car accident with her 3 year old in the car.  After that, he was so afraid we would have a car accident and that fear caused horrible night terrors which had him screaming almost every night.  That is when he started sleeping with me and at almost 11 years of age, we are still trying to find a way to get him to sleep in his own bed.   My sweet Henry has not slept through the night in his own bed more than a handful of times over the past 6-8 years.  He is just terrified to sleep alone, so he either sleeps with his sister or me.

Cloud B Is a company who has been dedicated to helping children sleep better for a long time now.  The Cloud B products have been designed with input from an Advisory Board of pediatricians and specialists to design a product that will help give your child a full night’s sleep they need.  The award winning products from Cloud B are trusted by parents throughout the world.  The Tranquil Turtle ($54.95) is the latest innovative sleep aid from Cloud B. The hard plastic shell mimics that of a real turtle and the stuffed body is made from soft brushed fabric The Tranquil Turtle uses a combination of sounds and lights to help your little one have sweet dreams every night.  The light shines through the shell and it creates an underwater effect on the ceiling.  You can set the lights to move or stay still and you can also control the brightness.  There are two sounds you can play; a sweet melody or ocean sounds.  The Tranquil Turtle also has an automatic shut-off after 23 minutes and batteries are included (Thank you!!).  Cloud B is also involved in charitable work by donating products to children in need.  Cloud B feels that no matter your economic situation, every child should be able to sleep well at night.

Using Sounds For Sleeping

When I was approached to review the Tranquil Turtle from Cloud B, I had already tried using sounds for sleeping and nothing worked.  I feel at a loss for words in trying to describe how clever, kid friendly and truly amazing the Tranquil Turtle is.  In my opinion, the best part of the Tranquil Turtle is the awe inspiring lighting technique.  Combined with Henry’s favorite, the ocean sounds, the reflection of the light really does look like you are underwater. Here comes the tearful part of my review.  The first night we used the Tranquil Turtle, Henry and I both lay in his bed and just enjoyed the comfortable silence between us as we enjoyed our new friend “Tommy the Turtle”.  Henry was asleep before the 23 minute automatic shut off.  To be honest, I was asleep just as quickly.  The next night I tucked him into bed and I asked if he needed me to lay with him.  He looked up at me with his big brown eyes and said “No Mommy, you can leave me and Tommy alone.  I can sleep by myself like a big boy.”  And he did!  I shed a few tears at this HUGE accomplishment.  I cannot express how thankful I am for the amazing designer at Cloud B.  If the Tranquil Turtle can help a child with had severe sleep issues to sleep on  own, can you imagine how effective it is on children who just needs a little prompting?  The Tranquil Turtle is by far the best product I have been lucky enough to review and it is an honor to share the Tranquil Turtle with you our dear readers who may have a child who struggles with going to sleep or knows someone who has a child who does.

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