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So your cat is a slob. You take the time to feed him, stroke him, let him go outside to play and get regular shots and how does he pay you back? By leaving crumbly piles of cat food scattered all over the kitchen or utility room. Maybe it’s not his fault. You never know with cats. It could definitely be on purpose. If you do not want your kitchen covered in ants and roaches then we need to find a solution. By following these three tips, you will be able to cut your cat off at the pass and keep him from turning your home into his own private little zoo.

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Ways To Keep Your Kitchen Clean From Your Messy Cat

  • Use A Place mat or floor cover in their eating area. Most cats have a regular spot for eating and it is obvious. Little bits of cat food accumulate in corner and around the base of the cabinets. Gross. Put down a plastic mat under your cat’s food and water dish. This allows for quick cleaning when dealing with the most slovenly feline.


  • Feed them Outside: If your cat is allowed to go outside at will then you may be dealing with another problem. Gifts can be special when shared between family members, but there are so many dead lizards laying around our house that I am beginning to have nightmares.
  • Smaller Portions: Your cat will let you know how much he wants to eat. Most will eat their fill and then light out for the territories. With SHEBA® PERFECT PORTIONS™ your cat will have two perfect-sized portions of meat-first delicious food and leave the plate finger-lickin clean every time.  PERFECT PORTIONS™ are just the right amount of food, so you don’t have to deal with messy leftovers or refrigerated cans.

If you’re tired of dealing with a mess at feeding time, try SHEBA® PERFECT PORTIONS™.  The perfect-sized portions mean no messy leftovers, which also means your cat gets a fresh meal every time. Plus, SHEBA® is meat-first and filler-free. Made with real beef, poultry, or seafood as the first ingredient, you can forget the corn, soy, wheat, or artificial flavors.”

Purchase Sheba at Amazon or use the Sheba product locator. It’s available now at mass retailers and pet stores nationwide for a suggested retail price of $0.79. Visit the Sheba website.

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  1. Thank you for the advice, I went from feeding 2 to only having to feed one, so am working through the changes.

  2. Thanks for the tips – my cat is a sloppy eater fur sure. I think smaller portions is the way to go – not sure why I never thought about that… Thanks!!

  3. Our one cat is messy but not the other one. These perfect portions sound like a good idea since she tends to eat too much.

  4. SHEBA® is meat-first, filler-free and no wheat — that makes me feel really at ease about feeding it to my felines.

  5. I put newspaper under my cats food dish because she too is a messy eater I also have to feed her on top of the dryer because the dogs will eat her food

  6. My LoganKitty would love this. She doesn’t get moist food unless at the vet so it would be a nice change for her – pleasure without the pain.

  7. Lily the kitty has never tried this product. Thanks for the great tips have started using a placemat under her food bowls. She is totally an apartment cat but hopefully will introduct her outdoors..

  8. Great tips! I wish we could feed them outside, but this is an apartment, so they are house cats. I DO like Sheba Perfect Portions – not only does it reduce the mess, but keeps them from overeating & getting fat.

  9. I have a finicky cat and she doesn’t always eat moist cat food but Sheba sounds like something she might like!

  10. I like your idea of using a mat for them to eat on to help with the mess! My cats make an awful mess when eating and this would help!

  11. We have five rescues and they are really messy eaters!! The mat works great for the water, the food dishes they still manage to push off the mat.

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