Help Your Child Sleep Through The Night

Do you have a need to help your child sleep through the night?  If you do, you are definitely not alone.  There are so many reasons a child may not be sleeping through the night, it may be difficult to pin point the exact reason.  Among the most common reasons is stress or anxiety, which may be related to problems at school, divorce, nightmares and bed wetting.  Not only is your child missing out on much needed sleep, they are not able to live up to their full potential.  If your child can’t sleep through the night, you may see his academic performance go down, depression, and even lack of appetite.  Although it is your child who can’t sleep, typically one or both parents and possibly siblings may also have their sleep interrupted.  This is not an issue just for the child, but for the whole family.

I recently learned about a program from 3D Audio Magic that has been designed by a psychiatrist with 30 years of experience. Tom Jackson, M.D. created DreamChild™ Adventures in Relaxation and Sleep to help families overcome the problems associated with sleep disorders.  This audio program is intended to help children relax and sleep deeply and all night.  The audio series takes your child on an adventure that will guide them towards a restful night’s sleep.  Dr. Jackson has been able to help countless numbers of children overcome sleep disorders that they may have been experiencing for years.  With this program, you are aiding your child to sleep without the aid of medications or medical interventions.  Dr. Jackson has a background not only in psychiatry but also as a recording engineer, which enabled him to create the perfect audio program for your child.  You can learn more about 3D Audio Magic and DreamChild™ Adventures in Relaxation and Sleep by visiting Tom Jackson, M.D. online, you can read more about his background and the program.

Sleep Aid For Children

I was very interested in reviewing the DreamChild™ Adventures in Relaxation and Sleep by Dr. Jackson.  The set we received came complete with an audio DVD ($19.99), headphones and the companion book ($22.95).  I love that the headphones are designed to fit a child’s head comfortably.  I have had problems with this in the past and I was glad to finally have a pair of headphones that don’t slide down your child’s head.  The companion book for the audio program is filled with testimonials from families who benefited from using the program.  The testimonies cover such a wide range of sleep issues that you are sure to find one that is personal for you.  I also love that the program can work for all ages, not just children.  My 13 year old Caitlin has been very anxious about leaving middle school and readying herself for high school.  It has affected her sleep patterns big time.  With Henry, his autism has put him through the ringer.  We have had night terrors, bed wetting, anxiety, fear of sleeping alone and many more.  Henry has not slept in his own bed more than a handful of times in the last 10 years.  Dr. Jackson’s program consists of 3 components; Country Friends, Magic carpet and Playhouse on the Beach.  Our favorite is Magic Carpet which begins with music and builds up to taking your child on a magic carpet ride.  With Dr. Jackson’s soothing voice narrating the story, your child will head for the Enchanted Forest where we meet Mother Nature.  The program has already worked after just a few nights.  We have not had major strides but I have seen some improvement.  For now I am working on Henry and Caitlin listening together and gradually move Henry into his own bed.  Baby steps will get us to our goal before we know it!