Help Your Kids Sleep Through Night

Help Your Kids Sleep Through Night

As a parent, one of the most sought after milestones for your child is to help your kids sleep through the night. My oldest daughter was (and still is) a stealth ninja who could creep into my room undetected and stand over my bed waiting for me to see her. Don’t you think its weird that although all your child is doing is breathing and watching but somehow it wakes you from a sound sleep?! It used to creep me out! This went on for such a long time that I wondered if she would ever sleep through the night! I will admit there were several times I would pick her up, take her to her bed and lay with her to make sure she stayed put. Needless to say, neither one of us got a restful nights sleep. My husband on the other hand slept like a baby!

The Sleep Buddy is a genius system that helps your child sleep through the night. What makes the Sleep Buddy system different from most sleep aids you find is that it is a complete system, not just a light. The package includes the programmable Sleep Buddy timer, book, incentive chart and reward stickers. Created by a mom and dad whose child thought 2 am was a good time to get the day started, the Sleep Buddy system has helped many children learn to stay in bed, either for the entire night or for their daily nap. The concept is so simple yet so effective. When you put all the components together, you get a system that works and allows the entire family to get a healthy and full night’s sleep.

Keep Kids In Bed At Nap Time

Just as important as sleeping through the night, it is equally important to keep kids in bed at nap time. When your little ones keep popping in and out of bed at nap time, it is completely frustrating. Nap time isn’t just for the kids, but for parents too. I am not a very good Mommy if I am dead tired and I can’t get the kids to settle down so I get some time to unwind. I am ashamed to admit, I have lost my temper more than a few times when I was exhausted and the kids would not stay in bed! When you have a special needs child, your struggles are the same as other parents, except our kids are older.  Most 10 year old boys don’t need help staying in bed, but a 10 year old boy with autism does. With Henry being a visual learner, I felt the Sleep Buddy system ($34.95) would be a great tool. When the package arrived, he opened up the box and we spread all the items out on the floor. As he picked up each one, I explained what each was meant for. He was pretty excited and wanted to try it out that night. The system is easy to use and the Sleep Buddy itself is easy to program. You just set the timer for nap or night and set it like an alarm clock. When the light is on, the kids stay in bed and when the light goes off, they can get up. They will tell you on the website this is not going to take hold the very first night, but if you keep with it, it does work. I had to laugh the first night because Henry came in my room about 15 minutes after we set the Sleep Buddy and said, “Mommy, I just want to make sure I am doing this right. If the light is on, I can’t get out of bed and when it goes off I can?”. I said yes and he said, “Well, then I better get back in bed because that light is still on!!”. I am sticking to my guns and Henry is staying in bed longer each time. And, if you have older kids, the Sleep Buddy is great as a time out timer!!! Just ask Caitlin!

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