Marnie from Herbal Renewal was kind enough to send me 3 lip balms to sample just in time for Winter.  If you look at the picture above, you will see the clasp on the top of the lip balm.  How cool is that.  I am forever losing my stuff in my purse and having to root around down at the bottom.  By attaching this to my keychain, I can find my lip balm easier, and I tend to use it more often which in turn is more helpful for my lips.
One of the Balms I tried was Winter Honey Lip Balm-
Formerly called Oh! Honey Lip Balm, this lip balm is perfect for winter, made with jojoba oil and raw Midwestern honey, it is smooth and creamy.  With essential oils of lavender and tea tree, it has soothing and antibacterial and antiviral properties.  And of course, the jojoba oil is a luscious moisturizer.

In addition to Lip Balms, Herbal-Renewal has a variety of soothing and healing items, including Dream Pillows and a variation for your little ones, Sleepy Tots Pillows, to help them sleep.  I used one of these in my teens and I loved every time I rolled my head a sweet resting scent lightly came from my pillow.  I forgot all about this until I came across Herbal-Renewal.  I know what is on my after Christmas shopping list!  Also, Herbal-Renewal has Boo-Boo (greats for bumps and bruises), Just For Mommy Healing Salve (a must for nursing mommies), and a variety of other “Home grown, hand made garden products that renew, naturally.”
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