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Too Many Devices? Use This All In One Charger From Bluelounge

With a family of four, two of which are tweens, it is funny how many mobile devices we have. I was laughing the other day at the picture I saw in my living room one evening. We had 3 smartphones, 2 tablets and 2 computers all in the same room. The devices were all in various stages of use and power levels. Probably half of the devices were charged and were being used while the other half were plugged in all over the living room. It really did make for a funny picture! It did however make me realize how much we rely on technology and how much we use these devices. What I realized at that time was how I desperately needed to streamline the charging of this handful of tech gadgets and find an all in one charger. One company that has a lot of experience in designing sleek and modern devices that can solve your technology needs is Bluelounge.

All In One Charger

I am going to show my ignorance here by admitting I was unaware of an all in one charger until I went to an electronics conference in January! I know, right?! That same conference is where I also had the pleasure of meeting Hans, from Bluelounge. I was taken by Hans right away because his enthusiasm for his company was quite contagious. Now that I have been able to use some of the Bluelounge products in my home, I can understand where his joy comes from. I love the Refresh from Bluelounge because it can charge up to four devices at one time. The tray has an opening so the tray can stay on top without the cords making it uneven. The Refresh is compatible with 1,839 total devices, so whatever you want to charge, you probably can do so with the Refresh.

I love its compact size, which is about the size of a tablet, which you can also charge on the refresh! We keep our on the table by the sofa and we can charge all three phones at one time. It is portable, so I can take it in the bedroom, the kitchen or wherever I want. This is such a smart looking design and comes in three colors, so it will blend in with a number of settings. I honestly do not know how I got along without my Refresh from Bluelounge and I plan to get a few more as gifts! You can purchase the Refresh for $89.95, as well as the other great products from Bluelounge from online stores like Think Geek and Vat19 as well as retail stores like the Container Store in many cities nationwide.
One reader will win a Refresh ($89.95) in their choice of black, white or pink (depending on availability) USA only


  1. I like the cool feet i use a desk with a fan but it still gets a bit hot would be neat to try these

  2. I absolitey love the the multipurpose cable clips and could use several in my house right now!

  3. Oddly enough I *love* the Refresh for the soul fact that they have one available in a hot pink. It’s rather obligatory but I couldn’t help myself. I don’t have any Apple products but I’ve always been jealous of the sleek appearance of accessories that match the simplistic styling of any Apple product.

  4. I like the simplicity of the Studio Desk- and just about everything else! But what we really need is THE SANCTUARY!

  5. I love the sanctuary. In my house we have a multitude of items that we have to charge including 3 smart phones and a digital camera. This would be awesome to have.

  6. With a name like Sanctuary, how could I choose anything else. Great concept–I would have
    no excuse for misplacing anything again.

  7. I really love the Sanctuary charging station tray. This would be great for me, I have ereaders, phones, etc and cords scattered everywhere, lol.

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