hexbug nanoHexbug Nano Review Great Christmas Gifts for Boys

Looking for gift ideas for boys? Hexbug Nano has the best great christmas gifts for boys and won my boys’ hearts hands down. This is the number one toy in my house that is played with every day, from my 18 month old to my 18 year old and even mom and dad. Jakobi has a sad face because Mason has both of the red bugs and did not want to share. When we received the Hexbug Nano Racetrack Habitatwe could not have been more thrilled.

I often look for Christmas gift ideas for boys early and stockpile them in the closet, but this was too cool of a gift to put up. The nano hexbugs are powered by a mini watch battery on little rubber legs that propel it through the tracks, the house, and under chairs. The perfect gift for any age boy or girl.

Don’t you think the best holiday gifts are the ones that the kids play with non-stop?

Cool Gifts for Kids

In addition to being a great toy for boys, nano hexbugs are great gifts for girls. The best gift ideas often are good for either and keep them busy and entertained. The Hexbug Nano series does just that — entertainment for hours. We take apart the track and make new paths almost every day. We can even split them into two mini tracks so they both have one to play with. The flags move up and down when the bugs go underneath and you can set the gates down to keep the bugs from going in certain areas. You can even combine the different track sets to make even bigger and more interesting paths. It is kind of bugs meet trains.

Hexbug Nano Starter Set

This is the perfect set to graduate from after you buy a starter set. It has tons of roadways and connections and comes with your own Nano Hexbug.

Not only is Hexbug Nano a cool gift for boys at Christmas, but for birthdays as well. We had so many hours of entertainment in our house, we just had to buy Jakobi’s friend Tate a Hexbug Nano Starter Set, and you can bet he and his Dad wore the batteries out on their as soon as we did on ours. Batteries can only take so much non-stop playing.

Best Birthday Gift

My boys loved Hexbug Nano so much, I thought it was great to mention to others as great games 4 boys. It was the perfect gift for Tate. You can see in the video above just how the little buggers can move around. My boys are small and they had fun with it. I did too!

Hexbug Nano Lowest Price

This set makes the perfect birthday gift for an affordable price. It comes with a little mini track and your own Nano Hexbug.

As far as Ideas for gifts, Hexbug Nano is top-notch! Every set I have seen produced by Hexbug Nano can be on the Best gifts for kids list.

Hexbug Nano Habitat Set

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