HexBug Battling Robots

It is that time of year again where all of my son’s friends are having birthdays. I know that every kid I have ever bought a HexBug, has loved it, and now they are adding even more to the line. I love how the HexBugs inspire a love for science with an early introduction to physics and engineering. This is perfect for Jakobi because he is always wondering how things works and likes to either take them apart or look really close until he figures it out.

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Hexbug Robotic Bug

If you have never seen a HexBug robotic bug then you are missing out on seeing some very cool robotic bugs.  They are actually so lively they fool cats, dogs and even some humans into thinking they are real.  These tiny little creatures are a great way to engage kids with robotics.  Since the electronic components are exposed in each bug, it is also a great way to introduce kids to the craftsmanship within the bug.  Being able to see the inner workings of a Hexabug while it is motion makes it all that more intriguing.

HexBug Warriors

Hexbug Warriors Battling Robots

HexBugs were first introduced in 2007.  Since that time, they have introduced 10 new types of bugs to the line.  Each one having it’s own unique qualities and strengths.  Now the 11th type introduced is the Hexbug Warriors battling robots.  These are unique in the fact that you can use your technical skills to compete against other Warriors in a Battle Stadium.  You get to choose what side you will be on, and then configure your robot with the weapons they will need to win the battle.

There are 4 different Warrior Hexabugs who battle against one another.  There is the Caldera, which specializes in geothermal and clean energy.  Then there is Bionika who are experts in human cyborg robotic technology.  Next there is Viridia who study technology to preserve the Earth.  Lastly, you have Tronikon, which is the world’s largest military technology academy.  There are at least 2, and in some cases 3 versions, of each Warrior.  All the weapons and armor on each Warrior can be intermixed with other Warrior Hexabugs.

Hexbugs do run on batteries, and each bug does have an on/off switch.  To conserve energy make sure you turn the switch to off when it is not in use. For more information, and to purchase your own Hexbug Warriors visit their website.  They are also sold at most major retailers.