Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Best Friend

Before having children, my best friend and I would go all out with our gift exchange. From expensive perfumes and makeup to designer handbags and clothing, nothing was off limits to us. Then I had kids and my best friend drew the short straw. My children are now the recipients of the expensive and extravagant gifts, while my best friend may or may not receive a gift at all. Though I haven’t discussed my best friend much in my writing and prior posts, it doesn’t mean that she isn’t an important person in my life. She was present for all of my biggest milestones, including my marriage and the birth of both of my children. Now that my life has settled down a bit and my youngest is a year old, it is time to bring back holiday giving for the rest of the important people in my life. Marie Claire magazine launched its December 2015 issue, and it’s jam packed full of gift ideas for your best friend, and for everyone!

gift ideas for your best friend

5 Gift Ideas for Your Best Friend

  1. Makeup and Perfume: A new eye shadow palette or makeup brushes make up a great gift idea for your best friend that will be used daily. Head over to the perfume counter and pick up a new scent that she’s been wanting to try.
  2. Costume Jewelry: A great way to freshen up a look is with new jewelry. We all know that a girl can never have too much bling.
  3. Housewares: We are all at the age where we are beginning to settle down and grow in to new homes and apartments. Buy her something to fill that empty wall or shelf that she’s been complaining about.
  4. Clutch or Handbag: Just like jewelry, a girl can never have too many purses or clutches. Get her a fun color that she normally wouldn’t buy for herself.
  5. A Magazine Subscription: A magazine subscription is a great gift that keeps on giving. It will remind her of you each month, and will be a great talking point for both of you.

Marie Claire’s December issue includes gifts for every type of person, from the Fashionista to the Career Girl and from the Fitness Addict to the Foodie. Marie Claire is a favorite place for refreshing new styles and constantly dazzles, educates, and inspires with its editorial content, fashion coverage, and how-to guides. As an avid reader since high school, Marie Claire magazine has always provided me with beauty and fashion tips and helped to guide me towards the seasons hottest looks. I know how valuable my subscription has become to me.

gift ideas for your best friend marie claire

Not only do I enjoy the anticipation of receiving a piece of mail each month, I also look forward to seeing all of the must-have pieces for the coming month. It only seems appropriate that the perfect gift out of the above gift ideas for your best friend would be the gift that keeps on giving; a Marie Claire magazine subscription! While you are at it, you probably should get one for yourself, too! It will make a great talking point over coffee each month, after all! For the hottest in beauty tips and fashion trends on the go, be sure to follow Marie Claire on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

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