regions pinThis post was sponsored by Regions Bank.  All opinions are my own. As December closes in on us, it time to get our holiday shopping game faces on get a move on for holiday preparations. While preparing for the happiest time of the year we are sure to decorate our houses and maybe even plan a few parties to commemorate the season. One aspect of holiday planning that often gets overlooked is the financial planning that is necessary. By following a few tried and true holiday spending tips you can get great gifts and not break the bank.

Smart Holiday Spending Tips

  • Follow The Golden Rule: Any financial advisor worth his salt will tell you not to spend more than 1.5% of your annual income. Use this tool to determine what you should plan to spend on gifts for friends and family. This is a sound philosophy that will give clear spending limits. So stay with it no matter what.
  • Set Aside Funds For Holiday Shopping: Something we should all consider is creating a second account in which the money set aside for gifts could be held. This will help make sure you are staying within your spending limits and not putting yourself in a precarious position by over spending.
  • Stay Within Your Means: When you head out to buy gifts make a list of the gifts you intend to buy and be sure you have the funds to cover your purchases without leaving yourself in the hole. Don’t deviate from the plan or you’re likely to overspend.
  • Research and Time Your Shopping Excursions: Unlike most deals that are better when make the purchase far in advance, holiday shopping tends to work the other way. Many Items will be marked down in the first two weeks of December. Do your research and find out where the deals are. Be careful though, waiting too long on items that are popular are likely to backfire if they sell out quickly.
  • Think Outside The Box: Don’t be afraid to show your creative side when making decisions about gifts to buy those closest to you. Not every gift needs to be bought. Shopping for supplies to make your own gifts is usually less expensive and much more rewarding. It will take a more significant time investment but making your own gifts will show that you care about the gifts you give to your loved ones.


By following a few sound insights for holiday spending set forth Regions Bank  you can plan ahead and get great gifts for your friends and family. You can also avoid the January blues known as buyer’s remorse when you realized you went a little above and beyond with the gifts and maybe set yourself back a bit further than you were expecting.

What’s your strategy for completing your shopping list without breaking the bank?

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