Decades ago, those running a household had to rely on memory along with trial and error to find out the most efficient way to cook, clean, pay bills, lower debts, etc.  Today, an array of applications ensure you’re running a tight ship.  Allow modern technology to lend a hand in running your household.  Take the following apps for a spin.

Get Into a Routine

Cleanliness is next to godliness, and if you think having help getting into a routine is a godsend, then you’ll love the Home Routines app.  It allows you to customize small and large tasks, so you can stay on top of things in your free time.  As you address a new chore, check it off and continue to move down the list you’ve created.  You’ll never forget to take out the trash or clean the bathroom when using the Home Routines app.

Organize the Bills

Keeping your bills in order ensures you don’t incur penalties or get hassled with annoying collections follow-ups and phone calls.  The app, Bill Reminder, does as it says; it syncs to your iPad, desktop, iPhone, etc. so you can track and manage your bills.  Bill Reminder works well with utility bills and regular payments, but you may want to couple the app with DebtMinder, which helps you curb debt and keep a hold on credit card rates and bank loans.

Keep Track of Utilities

How much water are you using each month and how much money could you save if you made it a point to keep track?  Water Use Calculator ensures you won’t waste water as you maintain money in your pocket.   Moreover, you’ll be aware of methods of conservation as you develop better habits you can pass along to family members, which equals even more savings!

While you’re minding the water bill, you might as well keep tabs on the electric costs.  Meter Reading tracks your electrical grid in real time.  You won’t have to bite your nails as you open your electric bill ever again.  Plus, being aware in real time will help you curb expensive habits such as leaving appliances plugged in or leaving the television on when you leave a room or the house.  If you really want to cover all the bases, download this home maintenance management app for a full-home history report, local provider connect, and a lot more.

Mind the Pocketbook

It costs a pretty penny to buy groceries, take the family to the movies, and do just about anything these days.  Rather than feel anxious about what’s left in the bank account at the end of the month, use Spendee to track and manage family spending.  Budget for the week, the month, the holiday season, and the entire year.  Find what you’re spending too much on so you have more cash for core needs.  Moreover, it will be easier to actually save once you get a handle on where the money is going.

Remember Things To Do

It’s hard to keep track of school plays, work duties, and when the cat needs to go to the vet.  It’s easy to forget as things pile up in real time.  The 2Do app makes you an expert at organization.  Never forget an appointment, due date, or chore again.  It works great for one-off chores or deeds that are out of your regular routine.

Plan Your Meals

It’s one thing to want to eat healthy but it’s another thing to actually do it.  Now you can eat your words by using the Meal Plan app.  There’s no need to use grocery lists or worry about when food in the fridge will spoil.  You’ll never forget to grab items at the store, run out of essentials, or let foods go bad again.

Keep It In the Family

It’s one thing for you to stay organized, but how do you keep all family members on the same page?  Using the cloud, the Wunderlist app allows you to share lists with other members of your clan.  Whether you’re in the same room or in different parts of the city, all family members can communicate and keep track of what needs to get done.

Know The Best Price

Why should you pay more money for food when you can purchase the same items cheaper?  The ShopSavvy Barcode Scanner allows you to instantly compare prices.  While at the store, scan an item’s barcode, and get up-to-the-minute details..  The app will alert you if you can get the same item cheaper at another store.  It may save a few cents here and there, yet doing it ongoing adds up to hundreds of dollars a year.

HomeBook is brought to you by internet entrepreneur Adam J Bilter. Adam is the founder, President & CEO of the Affluent Media Group and runs a successful online marketing firm in Chicago. Background in Finance and Accounting. Masters in Accounting, with technology focus. Self taught in all things coding and programming. Self professed technology nerd that enjoys keeping up on emerging technology and the latest internet tech. He also enjoys travel, and in addition to living in Chicago, spends part of each year in Bellagio Lake Como, Italy, and Utila, Honduras. After wasting a lot of time searching for old paint colors and maintenance receipts for one of his own homes and maintaining a beach home in the caribbean, Adam started HomeBook to help homeowners all over the world maintain, manage and organize their homes online. A simple yet big idea.