If we were face to face, or on the phone and I told you where I lived you’d most likely say “huh, can you spell that?” And I’d have to tell you that I couldn’t spell it until I was 15. I wasn’t born here, but I spent a lot of time here as a kid with my family, especially in the summer. I live in a very close knit town where everyone knows everyone, and if you live here you’re family.

My town is a little island called Chincoteague (sh – ee – n- ka – tea – g) in Virginia. If you look for it on the map you may run into some problems. It’s a super small blip on a map, not to mention the area of Virginia I live in doesn’t look like it should be Virginia, but instead Maryland. We don’t have many stores, we definitely don’t have a mall, but we have a ton of shops.

Regardless of how small my island is, the stories behind it are huge. One of the most famous stories is of Misty. Misty was part of a huge tradition here on the island, a tradition that brings hundreds of thousands of tourists here every year. It’s the pony swim. You see, here on my island wild ponies run free, it’s not out of the question to find a pony come up behind you or even see one in your yard (depending on where you live.)

The Pony Swim has happened every year since 1925. People gather alongside the roads to watch wild horses and their foals swim across the Assateague Channel once the tide is calm. The real kicker is people wait hours for this to happen, and the entire swim takes all of 3 minutes…yep, three minutes.

Another wonderful thing about Chincoteague is the nature. There are many nature trails, as well as a National Wild Life Refuge for locals as well as tourists to enjoy. There are tours that will take you around the island, point out ponies and interesting spots.

My second favorite part of living here is that we live on the beach. Well, not exactly on on the beach, but close enough. My house is about 2 minutes away from Assateague, which is not bad at all. There is a toll, but the money goes to the preservation of the island. The drive to the beach is breathtaking on it’s own, you’re likely to see bald eagles, wild horses and a number of other things.

One of the biggest things in the past few years was the fact that AOL named us the number 1 beach town of 2010. That brought a lot of traffic our way – adding to the already abundant tourist count. We have tourists here year round, but in the summer it gets crazy!

I wouldn’t trade my little island for anything in this world. We have BBQ’s on the beach, tons of stuff for the kids to do all year round, the best seafood ever, and the best friends one could ever ask for. If you’re ever looking for a great place to go that has something for the whole family do look us up, and for the love of all that’s holy, DON’T FEED THE SEAGULLS!

Have you ever taken a trip to my little island? If so, what did you think?

About this guest poster: Amber is a stay at home mom of 1 child, a crazy but sweet son named Dameon. They live in a small beach town and enjoy every day to the fullest. She is also the owner of the blog, Parent Palace. You can connect with Amber on Facebook and Twitter.

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