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Hot Wheels® Customs Customized Cars Is Sure To Be A Treat For Collectors

Hot Wheels® Customs Customized Cars

Hot Wheels® Customs Customized cars would make the perfect gift for any collector and kid alike. Jakobi and I had a lot of fun creating his customized car. He was able to select from a variety of cars and trucks when he settled on a semi-truck just like his Daddy. We had just came back from our trip to the beach, so he wanted to use a picture of him playing in the sand. He even customized his toy truck with “Pobi’s Beach Truck.” We had so much fun making Jakobi’s truck, he wanted to make his little brother one too. Mason’s says, “Sason’s Beach Car” Jakobi was real original in naming them wasn’t he? We both had a blast and some nice bonding time browsing through the pictures and finally deciding on the perfect design.

HotWheels Custom Car Creation Tips

When creating your customized HotWheels car you are going to want to make sure that is comes out perfect and show case ready! A few tips that Hotwheels suggests when making you car are to view it in preview mode before you buy, enlarge the photo to fill the whole frame, consider using a black and white photo to really make the image pop against the bold, bright Hot Wheels Cars colors, and avoid using low light pictures. If you follow these tips, your car will be a show car for sure!

Customized Toy Cars Make Great Gifts For Boys, Girls or Collectors

For only $7.99 plus shipping and handling, you can create the perfect customized gift at Hot Wheels Customs for a girl, boy or any collector on your gift list. Because Christmas is right around the corner, these would make great stocking stuffer ideas from Santa Claus himself! My kids were both delighted to see their faces on a packaged car that came in the mail!


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