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House Break Ins? Call Home Security Arkadelphia


What would you do if your house got broken into? I have recently found home security arkadelphia, which has an ADT monitoring service, and it got me to thinking. With my husband being gone the majority of the time, and my silly self announcing it on the internet, you think I would have thought of a home security service sooner. I mean what would I do without my Direct TV if someone stole it? Freak out! I mean I do live in a red-neck, gun-toting neighborhood with nosy neighboors that know when I use the bathroom, but would they stop a burglar?

The home security Arkadelphia system offered to Arkadelphia, AR residents seems like a good idea to me. You can get cell phone notifications of goings on at your house if no one is home, and they also offer motion sensors to deter break ins by popping the outside lights on when an intruder passes by.

I believe it is better to be prepared than to wish you had been after the fact.

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