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Back Pain? Five House Cleaning Shortcuts

When I was a little girl, my dream was to have my own house with a few kids and a dog. Yes, the whole white picket fence fantasy was all I could think of. When I was laying in bed, dreaming of this scenario, why did I not think about it in more detail? I did not take into consideration how difficult and expensive it is to raise kids or maintain a house. I saw my mom break her back to clean our house from top to bottom, but I never realized I would need to do that with my house as well. Now that I am a mom with a house and a few kids and pets, I see all too clearly how much work it takes to keep the house running. I have a back injury which causes me a great deal of pain and makes it hard to keep my house as clean as I would like. I have developed a list of tips to make cleaning my house much easier on my back and still have it sparkle!

Make Cleaning Easy On Your Back

  1. Supplies: When you clean, you probably have a handful of products you use. I keep mine in an easy to carry container and keep the number of bottles to a minimum. When I carry it from room to room, I set it on a high enough surface to keep me from bending over.
  2. Pace Yourself: I used to have a set day I would clean the house from top to bottom. All that did was kill my back and I was still cleaning up messes all week long anyway. Now I clean a little each day and take breaks and rest when doing anything more involved. For the heavy duty scrubbing, I let my husband do that for me.
  3. High Traffic Areas: My high traffic areas are right inside the back door, the kitchen and the hallway. Instead of vacuuming every room every time I clean, I focus on those areas. Now I vacuum the other rooms once a week and my back feels so much better.
  4. Clean Smart: When you clean intelligently, you will save yourself a lot of back pain. When you spray a solution on a stain, let the product work for you before you jump in and clean. Also, if you get a stain as soon as it happens, it is a lot easier to clean than if you wait a few hours!
  5. The Right Tools: When you clean, using the right tools is probably the most important ways to make housework easier. I have a dusting and vacuuming tool with an extended handle to make those hard to reach areas easier to reach. When it comes to mopping the floor, I use the lightweight and efficient Bona Mop.

I am always looking for products which will do as much of my housework for me as possible. I love how lightweight and easy to use the Bona products are. You can choose from either their Bona Hardwood Floor Mop or the Bona Stone,
Tile and Laminate Mop
. In order to get the most out of your Bona products and get the cleanest floors, you really should use the sprays and polishes. I received the Motion Mop, which I was able to see demonstrated at BlogHer14 last month. This is the high end mop with sonic technology in the mop head. This little baby is geared to get those stuck on messes cleaned up quickly without breaking your back! These are not your cheap-o mops my friends! This is a durable, well made mop which has an ergonomically designed handle, a refillable cartridge and offers streak free cleaning. The head rotates so you can get into all those nooks and crannies and the microfiber pad is removable. You just toss it in the washing machine for an eco-friendly alternative to your mom’s old nasty mop!

With their GreenGuard certification, you know your exposure to harsh chemicals is safer and does not irritate allergies. They also offer cleaning kits, microfiber cleaning, applicator and dusting pads. I signed up for the BonaFide Fanatics program so I can get the latest news and deals. Just for signing up, you get a $3 off coupon! Currently, the folks over at Bona are running a contest where one lucky winner will win a $500 shopping spree. All you need to do to get your coupon and enter the contest is visit their homepage! Also, they are offering an additional winner a monthly $150 Spa Finder gift certificate. You can purchase the Bona products from your favorite retailers like Bed, Bath and Beyond, Target, Walmart, Kroger, Home Depot, and Lowes. Be sure to follow Bona on Twitter and Instagram and visit the website for tips from their certified Bona craftsmen. One USA reader will win either the Bona Hardwood or Stone, Tile and Laminate Floor Mop ARV $40.

What is your favorite of these house cleaning shortcuts?


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