How Can Girls Be A Modern Day Princess

How Can Girls Be A Modern Day Princess

I am ready to break with the stereotypical fair maiden story and find out how girls can be a modern day princess!  Gone are the days when females were meant to be meek, timid and quiet.  Today we need a modern version of that girl who can be strong, smart, pretty and kind.  With a daughter in middle school, I cringe every time she comes home with another story about a girl that spoke like a sailor or another girl “hooking up” with her boyfriend.  I think in order to keep your daughter standing strong on her convictions, she needs reinforcement and encouragement.  Not a day goes by that I don’t praise or compliment Caitlin and then that is several times a day.  It seems there is so much ugliness in the world that the last place I want Caitlin to hear negative talk is here at home.  Home should be a haven for your children and I strive to do that every day.

My Princess Academy is a fantastic place where your daughter can become a modern day princess!  At My Princess Academy you will see the parameters for becoming a modern day princess.  Your Princess will learn that she can be generous, intelligent, confidant and beautiful..inside and out.  With My Princess Academy, you will find a ton of items to make your girl into a princess!  Here a girl can play dress up, put on Princess make-up and lip gloss and several other items that are for sale.  With each purchase, a Princess Virtue is included.  You can purchase your My Princess Academy items online at FAO.  At My Princess Academy, you daughter can play games and find several activities in the magical classrooms at My Princess Academy.

Empower Your Daughter

I love the idea of being able to empower your daughter to be herself and be content with that.  I am already hearing Caitlin say negative things about her weight and her hair and that she can’t measure up to the other girls at school.  This is one of those situations you hate to face with your child, although it is sadly a fact of life for a 14 year old.  I can sing Caitlin’s praises all day long, but the moment one of her classmates says something ugly to her, she crumbles!  I was happy to review a variety of the My Princess Academy items for Caitlin.  She received: My Princess Academy 12 piece set of Glittering Lip Gloss ($ 8.99), My Princess Academy 10 piece Makeup Backpack ($ 14.99) and the My Princess Academy Messenger Bag ($ 9.99).  I had my friend’s kids over this weekend and Caitlin and Anna had a blast playing with the My Princess Academy products.  They gave each other a make-over with the make-up and lip gloss and they filled the messenger bag with several items to take on their “shopping trip”.  The online activities are really very cute and the girls enjoyed perusing the different magical classrooms.  By the end of the day, I had two tired but happy little Princesses!

One winner will receive one Glittering Lip Gloss ($ 8.99) and the My Princess Academy Messenger Bag ($ 9.99).

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  1. Love all the products. I have a 14 y.o. too. She babysits a lot for a young girl who would LOVE this gift! She is a princess,

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