So, now that you have learned how I started my product review site, I am going to tell you how I found products to review.  This is not the only way to find products I am sure, but this is how I got my start.  At least four times a week I get packages on my foyer and/or in my mailbox, and mail only gets delivered 6 days a week!  My son is getting spoiled with all his “presents.”  He thinks everything that is in a package is a present and he helps me open it.  Usually he is more interested in the box and the bubble wrap than what is inside.  Makes me wonder why we spend so much on “real” toys!  The first places I check are my Blogger Promotion Sites.  The ones I use currently are:

These guys just email me once in a while and/or send me free stuff:
Then I looked up companies that had blogger programs already in place.  Some I found were:
  • Purex Insider
  • Ecomom
  • Educational Toys Planet
  • Carmex Express
  • Tele Brands
  • Ah Goo Baby
  • Bake Me A Wish
  • Affordable Lifestyle
This one has a $5 monthly charge or a$40 a year, but is a great resource.
This is the forum I run that is a $5 yearly charge that has opportunities in it from Bloggerdise just for us and other reps.

Other Great Resources I have come across:

You can also check out Simply Stacie’s list.

These are all good starter places. Once you have joined the above resources and get into the habit of checking them daily, soon you will build relationships with the brands and get repeat business. Now my inbox is flooded with pitch emails and I have a team of 4 product reviewers and  4 book reviewers.

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  • When I see a product I really want, I send a cold pitch letter. This is a letter introducing myself and my blog asking to review a product or company. I find the contact in formation more often than not through Google.  Usually when I am Googling a company the ads pop up for similar products, and I pitch them too.
  • One of my favorite places is Etsy.  I love homemade, and I love promoting the wonderful products I have always found there.  I find that Etsy owners usually take a lot of care in making the things they sell and have that personal touch! Just be careful when you send a pitch to Etsy. It need to be personal and about their products specifically. They also have spam rules in place so make sure you use a sort of disclaimer asking them to disregard if they are not interested in your promotion. Do not email more than a handful of Etsy shops a day or you will be flagged as spam.
  • One of the most helpful ways I find products is simply browsing around other review and giveaway blog sites and see what they are reviewing.  When I was new, I would go back to other review and giveaway sites, check their archives to their first reviews and contact those companies.

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