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How Do You Take Engagement Photos?

If you are starting on engagement photography or you just got engaged or you are thinking to be engaged soon, this article is for you. An engagement party is normally very emotional and meaningful for the couple and as photographer you need to make sure that you capture all the special moments. And as a couple you need to be relaxed. This article is designed to provide you with tips for the engagement party and also help the other photographers to capture the best photos for the couples. Let us get down into it.

  1. Chemistry and poses 

Well, couples are different and you might not feel so free to show your emotions and affection in public but if you don’t mind having a couple of pictures taken while you are kissing will be ideal. As a wedding photographer, it is essential to ask your clients if they are comfortable with any form of PDA before you can recommend a pose. If they are not, then don’t insist even if you think it is perfect. It is their photos not yours. You can talk to the couple and get to learn how they met and this can help you come with a vibe which they can both like. Keep it in mind that the couples will be different and some will be serious while others will be super romantic. Take each couple different and that way you will be able to shoot the best photos for each couple. 

  1. Think of the engagement photo session as trial for wedding 

The engagement is actually like a trial for wedding and it will give you both a chance to know your photographers and as a photographer you will get to know the couple. You will all get comfortable with each other which is a key to capturing some magnificent photos. Take this opportunity to see how good the photographer is and see if you can hire him for your wedding or you will consider hiring another photographer. And as a photographer use this chance to showcase how good you are and if you prove to be good you will be hired for the wedding too. 

  1. The more the wardrobe the better 

The engagement photos can become boring if they are just taken in one outfit. Taking the photos wearing different clothes makes the photos look more attractive and adds variety. Bring your favorite clothes and have your loved one bring a couple of clothes to the photo session as well.

As a Evengo wedding photographer encourage the couple to bring along clothes that they are comfortable to wear. It is very easy to spot when a client is not comfortable with the clothes he is wearing and if he carried another pair he or she can always change and the session will continue as it was intended.

 We recommend that you carry a casual day clothing, formal wear like dress or a jacket and an everyday comfortable wear. By having the different set of clothes you will have different look during the session. This way, you will not have that feeling of I should have…. Don’t bring the whole wardrobe with you though, just a few of your favorite clothes.

 Another important thing you need to note is that you should not keep on worrying about makeup because even if it gets ruined a bit during the session, there is always a way of making sure that it does not show in the photo.

  1. Know your favorite photo

As a couple you need to know your favorite photo and as a photographer you need to as the couple for their favorite photo days before the shoot. Knowing about their favorite photo before the engagement photo session makes sure that you are all on the same page. You can even search for the best engagement photos from the internet and get some ideas from there. If you love it on the beach search for that and get ideas. 

  1. Acknowledge that your partner may not be as enthusiastic as you are

It is very possible that your partner is not going to be involved as you will be but that does not mean that he will not play along with your ideas. If you want your loved one to take off his shirt and he will take it off even if it makes him nervous because that’s what lovers do. It is normal if your husband not to be all kissy like you but that does not mean that you will not work well together. Just acknowledge it, talk the ideas into him and he will definitely play along just the way you want it. However, if he is really not interested in some of your ideas, don’t force it. 

  1. A good research is going to help get a good photographer 

Well, this point is for the couples. For your engagement photos to be at their best you need to hire a wedding photographer who is really good at his work. The word of mouth recommendation is always a cool way of getting a good photographer but sometimes you need to do some research about the photographer after you get the recommendation. Look at his portfolio and read reviews from other clients and maybe try out other photographers and then choose the one with that have the best reviews. 

  1. Keep moving

Getting all your engagement photos shot from one location might turn out to be boring. Even if you had chosen just one spot then ask your photographer if he has any other suggestions of cool places for engagement photos in your area. This will give you both something to get involved in and it will provide even better background for your photos. As a photographer, make sure you are fully packed with information about other places the couple might like to have their engagement photos taken.  

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