amazing nurse

If you have ever been sick or in a hospital, did you wonder how has a nurse changed your life?  Many people don’t know the scope of what a nurse does and how critical her interaction with you can be.  When you walk into your doctor’s office and are taken back to an exam room, who is the person who makes first contact with you?  Yes, a nurse. Who does most of the hands on care with you?  Yes, a nurse.  If you have been hospitalized, who is the person you see virtually all of the time you are there? Yes, a nurse.  With the nursing shortage we are facing across the country, now more than ever it is critical to raise up new nurses and to show those nurses currently working just how important they are.  Right now there are over 100,000 nursing positions available and it is estimated that by the year 2020 that number will be 800,000.  Think for a moment about what it would be like if there were no nurses.  What kind of care do you think you would receive and who would give it?

I went back to school when I was 46 and received my nursing degree in May 2011.  I have chosen to put my career on hold to home school and care for my son who has autism.  I want you to know how very difficult and stressful it is to complete nursing school.  We were in class two days a week and were caring for patients the other 3 days and we did that for almost 2 years.  I did that as well as work full-time and cared for two children virtually alone as my husband and I had separated.  We studied, quizzed, cried, laughed and loved every minute of it.  I would not have gotten through it had it not been for our instructor, Joan Eiffe.  Ms. Eiffe has been a nurse for more than 20 years and is one of the top nursing instructors at LMU in Knoxville.  I have never met another person who was as kind, caring, and loving while maintaining a level of firmness that only a wise woman could do.  When I was struggling to pass my classes, it was Joan Eiffe who gave me encouragement and believed in me when I didn’t have any belief in myself.  When I wanted to throw in the towel, it was Joan Eiffe who raised my spirits and gave me the encouragement I needed to succeed.  It is only because there are women like Joan Eiffe that we are able to mold a mere human into the super being a nurse is.  How does Joan Eiffe care for her patients?  With loving kindness, infinite patience and a gentleness that cannot be taught, but can only be given as a gift.

If you have personally been touched by an outstanding nurse or know someone who has been lovingly treated by an excellent RN, LPN or APN who is currently working in direct patient care, you can nominate that individual until 6/29.  Sponsored by Johnson and Johnson, you can go to the Amazing Nurses website or you can visit the Facebook page to learn more about the election process and how to nominate that special person.  Provided by CNN, the winner and their guest will attend the 2012 CNN Heroes: All-Star Tribute in Los Angeles, CA.  The winner will be honored in a tribute via a video tribute to the live audience at the Tribute show as well as featured on the Johnson and Johnson FB page.

I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Johnson & Johnson and received a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.