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Installing The Alexa Tool Bar Will Help You Receive Better Reviews and Giveaways

Mind you, the following is all my opinion, but those of us who are obsessed with our SEO rank will probably agree.  Alexa rank is determined by actual Alexa toolbar users.  If you don’t have a tool bar your visits and anyone else who doesn’t have a tool bar will not count.  That means 3/4 of your traffic does not have the Alexa tool bar, then you are only getting credit for 1/4 of your traffic.  That was just an easy number I plucked out if the air which could easily be higher or lower; however, either way–no tool Alexa toolbar, it does not count.

Companies who a reviewer pitches to, or hopes to get reviews and giveaways from (including Tomoson), usually check a website’s Alexa ranking to see how many visits they get.  With this in mind, if more of a website’s readers, blog hop visitors, and search engine traffic had the Alexa tool bar, the ranking would be higher.  Taking that one step further, the better a sites ranking (with Alexa the lower the score the better), the better quality review they  would be able to perform (higher dollar amount) and then those higher dollar items would be passed on to their readers in the form of giveaways.
In summary, the logical conclusion is help out your favorite review and giveaway sites to help you by installing the free Alexa toolbar.  It is a very easy install that puts a very small icon at the top of your browser.
If you would like to take this proactive step you can download the tool bar for the following browsers:


Google Chrome FREE. Informative. Installs in seconds.

Internet Explorer Free.  Installs in seconds.

* System requirements: Microsoft Windows and Internet Explorer 6.0 or newer.

Firefox FREE. Customizable. Installs in seconds.

*System Requirements: Firefox: 3.0.9 – 4.0.*



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