My dog

When I was raising my first son, I would teach him about the different places on the globe to help him learn about different cultures. I had recently taken a trip to Jamaica, so that was the country we were discussing. I told Billy about the foods, the geographical location, the sight seeing, the oceans, etc. I also taught him that many Jamaicans had brown, tan or black skin. He was about four and I thought it was important to teach him about diversity.

A friend of ours, who lived a street back, had raised dogs and about two months prior he had sold the last of his litter. He was a good breeder and checked up on his dogs after their placement to make sure they were well cared for. One particular female dog he had placed was being kept outside chained to a tree often out of reach from her food and water bowl. Florida has pretty hot summers and it was dead smack in the middle of one. Needless to say, the breeder took the female back into his care and dubbed her “Repo.”

The first time I met “Repo,” I told my friend that was a silly name for a female and he should be kind and give her a cool name especially with all she had just been through. He laughed and said, “You wan’t her, you can name her.” I did not need a dog. I was a single mom at the time (about 14 years ago), and did not think I needed to add to my responsibility, a dog. However, every single time I went over to my friend’s house, this silly puppy would climb up in my lap, laying her head on my chest and look up at me with those puppy dog eyes. She was already housebroken and minded really well. I still did not need a dog.

I could cut through the back yard of my house and end up at my friends, so the distance was short. I was young (23 or so) and hanging out at your friend’s house was the thing to do. We watched movies and our kids played together. I guess Repo watched us go home a few times from the window because shortly after my visits, Repo would appear at my doorstep! I had to walk her back home every day. She was squeezing out the cat door in the back. After the 5th time, my friend said, “Keep her. She chose your family.”

Billy wanted the dog, of course, and how could I say no? I had to change the name and I asked what Billy wanted me to name her. He said,”Maica cause she looks like them-she is all brown, and tan, and black” I laughed so hard. He was trying to say Jamaica, and that she looked Jamaican. So Maica it was! Maica became our beloved pet and was always by our side. She could read my mind, I swear, and she was my best friend. So if you ever have a dog adopt you, do not turn away. My dog was great by finding us as a family and adopting us.


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