People from all walks of life have been trying to invest in the real estate industry, and it has never been easy until Upnest came into the picture. Millennials are, in most cases, the first time buyers looking to purchase a house to start a family, while in other cases, baby boomers are investors who are on their second or third purchase, mostly investing on rental properties. 

Americans have always wanted to enter into the real estate industry, purchase a good property for personal use or rental purposes, but the process has always scared most of the investors away. The discovery of Upnest real estate platform changed everything. 

Ann Jones, a resident of Miami, Florida, is one of the beneficiaries of Upnest Company. “I have always wanted to purchase a property for rentals, knowing little about the real estate industry; I was afraid to capitalize my money in the industry,” she said in an interview. 

“One of the biggest investments I have always wanted to do in is buying a rental house, because at the end of my career, I will retire, and I would like to have some security for my retirement. I had completely given up on finding a great rental property for sale until one-day Upnest was recommended to me by a friend,”  Ann remarked with a sigh.

“After signing up to Upnest. I was able to interview several agents within 24 hours. I went for the agent charging the least commission and also the most experienced. I was also surprised at how knowledgeable the agent was; he knew all the rental properties that were being sold in Miami.” Ann said with some relief on her face.

“The agent was also able to advise me accordingly, I was looking for a property where I can rent off to tenants, and also, I was looking for a property that will appreciate in a matter of time. So within two weeks, after going through multiple properties, I was able to choose one of the properties. Everything was done quickly, and today I am a proud rental owner.’ Ann concluded the interview by saying that the best part of the deal was the fact that she saved millions of dollars in realtor commission. 

Ann presents just one case among many other people who have testified that Upnest made it possible for them to venture into real estate. 

About Upnest.

Upnest is an online platform where realtors compete for home buyers and sellers. Basically, when a person is looking to venture into real estate, they sign up on the Upnest website, and then from there, the agents compete for their signature. You may be wondering how Upnest has made it possible for investors to venture into real estate. The Upnest platform has many agents that are competing for investors, so it means that if they want to make sales, they have to lower their commissions. When the commission is reduced, then the cost of buying or selling a house goes down, and the investor can achieve their dreams more easily. Upnest was named Deloitte’s 2019 technology fast 500, which means that the company is taking part in helping many Americans get their dream properties. If you are looking to sell your home or purchase a home, signing up to Upnest should be the first step.