These are.gonna be the instructions for an android phone with Google Play, but I bet all you tech savvy iphone users out there can figure it out by subbing where needed.

Download: Telegram, Coinbase, Trust Wallet & Zerion.

If you use my referal link for Coinbase, we both get $10 in Bitcoin.


After you sign up, you’ll need to add funds by linking your bank, debit card or wire transfer. Funds are available to use immediatley if you use your debit card. If you use your bank account, you can buy Ethereum (eth) right away but cannot transfer off platform (the app) for 7 days. You’ll want to link your bank anyways cause that is how you get the usd back to your bank.

From the home.screen, select Prices, then Ethereum, then Trade, then Buy Eth, select your payment method.

This is an example transaction of $1,000. Note the Coinbase fee. Once the transaction is complete you’ll need to send it to your TrustWallet.


After you download and sign up for TrustWallet select settings and create new wallet. It will prompt you to backup and copy your recovery phrase. It will be 12 words in a particular order. SAVE THESE IN SEVERAL PLACES. EMAIL YOURSELF, WRITE THEM DOWN AND PUT IN A SAFE, SEND TO YOUR MOM FOR SAFE KEEPING. If you lose these words there is no chance you will EVER get your money back. You might as well set your cash on fire cause it is GONE. Did you save them? Do it now. Not later. Now.

Now that you created a wallet, this is where you can read your transactions on the Ether blockchain. You can use several brands of wallets to do this. When you create your wallet you are really creating your Etherscan address. When you want to use different wallets you just sync with your recovery phrase. DO NOT GIVE THIS TO ANYONE YOU DO NOT WANT TO BE ABLE TO WITHDRAW ALL YOUR COINS/MONEY UNTIL THE END OF TIME.

Select Wallet on the bottom then select Ethereum.

The click receive and then copy the Etherscan address that pops up.

In this case the Etherscan address is 0x7558F29fB0654F525E0870BC8fC78cA1a126F79a this will be the same for all erc20 tokens ($Shinu is an erc20 token). Now go back to Coinbase and select Portfolio at the bottom, then Ethereum, then select wallet. Select the arrow at the top right to send. Enter the amount, continue, and then paste the Etherscan address you copied from Trust Wallet in the address bar. Then send. It will take a few minutes to get to your TrustWallet and there will be a small fee for this transaction. Once the money arrives to TrustWallet select the dapp button on the bottom of the app.

Type “uniswap” in the search bar and select it. This will open the Uniswap app within your TrustWallet. You will need to select connect wallet for your first time.

Select Ethereum in the first option and enter the amount you want to transfer to Shinu. Make sure you leave at least .02 eth for transaction fees. For the second selection we have to import the Shinu coin. Select add coin and enter this address: 0xa1ab427451f19df7445a22dea7073800ea3b687f

Shinu should pop up, select import coin. It might give you a disclaimer, accept.

Select the gear icon to set the slippage to 12%. Then select swap.

Click on this bar in the app to get to v2.

Confirm the swap. When you get to the screen above, select the gear icon to change your gas fee. This is how fast the transaction is sent. You can check current gas prices here: I normally use fast gas to make sure my transaction goes through at the time I want it to and not 3 hours later.

Approve the transaction and you should have your Shinu shortly! Once the transaction goes through you should see it in your wallet but it might not show the dollar amount as this is a new coin. Don’t fret! Open Zerion.


After you sign up for your account you will want to connect to your TrustWallet. Click the plus button at the top right and then select TrustWallet. Say yes when asked if you should share your public address.

TaDa! You have successfully purchased Shinu! Welcome to the family.