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Charging Your Mobile Device When Traveling Is Easy #VZWA

Do you love the notion that you can take your phone, tablet or laptop with you no matter where you go? It is so convenient to be able to access the Internet, make phone calls or text or watch your favorite show when you are not even home! It is great to be able to multi-task while you are out and about running your errands. It is pretty cool that you can be working on your laptop or catching up on the latest episode of Breaking Bad while the kids are on the playground. The only issue with this ability is staying charged while you are not near a power source there is nothing more frustrating than to be in the middle of something on your electronic device and it dies on you before you can find a place to plug in. If you need to keep your mobile device charged on the go, the products from Verizon Wireless are just what you need!

Charge Your Mobile Device

Verizon Wireless is a leader in the wireless industry for a number of reasons. They were the first wireless provider in the nation to build and operate a 4G LTE network of its magnitude. They launched the network in 2010 and they were able to give their customers access to the Internet 10 times faster than any other network. They were also the first company to also launch an unprecedented high speed broadband 3G network. They have invested more than $80 billion to continually increase their coverage area and continue to give their customers superior coverage and service.

I was sent the Motorola Power Pack Slim 2000, which sells for $34.99 from Verizon Wireless. This convenient, slender, sleek and very modern looking portable charging system is awesome. You can charge your mobile device as well as another while you are at home or on the road. With its universal compatibility and attached mUSB integrated cable, you can charge any device from any manufacturer. The 4 LED’s let you know how charged your Power Pack Slim 2000 is at all times and it’s Certified Carbon Free design tells you it is eco-friendly as well. The charger is slim enough to slip into your pocket and weighs next to nothing. For people who need a powerful charge, no matter where they are, the Power Pack Slim 2000 from Verizon Wireless is awesome!

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