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How To Choose The Best Boots For Walking Long Distances

I am going on a business trip soon and I need to find how to choose the best footwear for walking long distances.  I am going to a convention and there is going to be a lot of land to cover so I want to be comfortable.  I know for sure I won’t be wearing stilettos but as it is a business trip, I should probably leave the flip flops at home!  So, with that being said, I decided to go on a hunt for what would be the best footwear for all the traveling I would be doing.  I am thinking I am going to be walking in upwards of 8-10 miles in a day, so I better choose wisely right?!  Here are some really great suggestions I found for the top styles for what I need:

How To Choose The Best Boots For Walking Long Distances

  • Flexibility: You need a shoe that has plenty of flexibility.  When you try on the shoe, make sure you are able to comfortably move your ankle and foot in all directions.  If the shoe is too stiff and doesn’t yield you enough movement, you will play heck getting it broken in.
  • Heel: For the optimal fit and comfort in a walking shoe, you should have little or no heel.  For the most comfortable shoe if you are planning on taking a long walk or two, a flat shoe is the best bet.
  • Boots or Shoes? This is the great debate!  Many people feel you can’t even consider a boot for walking while others say they are the only way to go.  The best way to decide would be on the boot itself.  If you are planning on taking a hike in your Doc Martens, you may want to rethink that idea.  I love me some Doc’s, but not to walk 10 miles in!  If I am going to wear a pair of boots for walking (yes, that was a wave at Nancy Sinatra), there is only one company I would consider; Ahnu Footwear.  The footwear made by Ahnu are some of the most comfortable and well-made I have ever put my pretty little feet in!

Stylish Boots For Women

When I was searching for stylish boots for women, I knew if I contacted Abby, she would steer me in the right direction.  I always have such a hard time choosing the best shoe from Ahnu that I give in and let Abby decide for me!  I gave her a few styles I liked and she chose the Belmont ($150.00) in brown.  This boot is so stinking comfortable and good looking that I could not believe it!  These boots can be worn with jeans, leggings and a big sweater or a cute dress or skirt with tights.  I was feeling a little crazy on picture day, so I chose the dress and knee socks to pair up with my Belmont boots.  These boots will be perfect for my trip.  I could (and will) wear these all day and at the end of the day, my feet will feel as good then as they did when I first put them on.  If you want some great looking footwear that is going to last you for a long time, you can’t go wrong with Ahnu.

One reader will win one pair of the Ahnu Belmont ($150.00) – USA only.

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  1. I love the ladies Montara boots in blue.
    There’s acouple of Montara styles…but only one shows it in blue.

  2. Those boots are so cute!! I could only look at one catgory, too many great shoes and boots to choose from. So i went with yoga, and the Jackie slip-ons wo u ld be perfect for work!

  3. wow i would love any pair of shoes from ahnu…the belmont boot in winetasting caught my eye too. it’s difficult to choose just one favorite pair because of the variety of needs the different shoes and boots fulfill (casual, performance, yoga, sandals.)

  4. I would LOVE to have the Womens Hanaa in black! They’re just a bit dressier than a plain old flip flop, and just a bit more comfy I bet!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  5. I absolutely love the belmont boots that you got. They are my absolute favorite of their boots, I also like the montara boots but the Belmont ones are just perfect. Like you, I do a lot of events that require lots of walking and the worst thing in the world to me when going to events that require lots of walking is having on a pair of shoes that make your feet hurt from wearing them. Many shoes are perfect and comfortable for daily wear, very few have the support and cushion to be comfortable for all day walking. I love boots and would love to win these. I have a huge dog show coming up in a couple months that will be a week of all day constant waliking and on my feet and these boots would be great. Thanks for the chance to win.

  6. Followed on RSS…Google reader subscriber …as Paul T / Pauline T (Paol Trenny …pls use emscout9 at hotmail dot com instead of gmail to contact me)
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  7. Mens Reyes III. My dad had a similar pair but they recently fell apart. He has looked everywhere for another pair, but couldn’t find anything! These would be great!

  8. I love the Laguna in Winetasting. Right now it is wet all the time in my driveway and yard. These rainboots will keep me dry and I’d look stylish doing it.

  9. The Belmont boot is awesome… but my 12 yr old just walked in and fell in love with the Gracie yoga shoe, and wanted me to list that one too..lol..

  10. I think I like the Belmont in black. I don’t think I’d care which style as long as they were easy to get on (I’m disabled), and keep my feet warm & dry.

  11. I love the belmont boot, but the karma sandle is a pretty close second! stylistically i think i may prefer the karma sandle but my lifestyle is much more suited to a boot

  12. I love the belmont boot, but the karma sandle is a pretty close second! stylistically i think i may prefer the karma sandle but my lifestyle is much more suited to a boot

  13. My favorite ahnu prodoct is the Women’s Belmont. This boot could be worn with almost anything. You can pair them with jeans, leggings, tights, dresses and even skirts. Many different shirts could be paired with this boot as well, especially a plaid shirt to match the inside lining of the boot. This boot is also my favorite because I can see myself hiking in the Wyoming mountians at the national parks, wearing these boots.

  14. i like the Montara Boot thanks so much and i will pay duty or have it shipped to my friend, in florida who I am going to visit ty

  15. Love all the womens, but l adore the monterra boots! Work in Recreation and they would sure be handy during football season!

  16. Hi, thanks for this opportunity. I like the women’s Montara boot. I like the Belmont also, as it appears more lightweight. The yoga selections are very nice also. Happy New Year

  17. My favorite product is the Ahnu Orinda women’s running shoes. I jog almost every day so they would be perfect my running on the street. The color is great and they look lightweight!

  18. WOW!! I have never seen anything like this line of shoes! I would have to pick the Belmonts in that golden color.

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