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Welcome to a new feature on Makobi Scribe. Every week on Monday you can look forward to home decor tips and tricks posts from Jennifer and I. This week we are going to talk about lighting. Do you know how to choose lighting that is right for your room?  I had never given it much thought, but have been looking for inspiration for our family room.  We had a great $88.00 Pottery Barn lamp that I found for $15 at a yard sale.  I LOVED this lamp and loved to tell guests what a steal I got for the lamp.  Now I can tell our guests about the new lighting we found to replace the broken Pottery Barn lamp that died in a Nerf football accident.  Whoever said Nerf was safe, did not know my children!!  So, in light (ha ha ha) of my needs, I decided to research what the best light for a family room would be.  Here are some great tips I found:

  • When buying for your living or family room, here are a few great points to go shopping with
  • Find a lamp that is pretty to look at when the light is on or off.  In a space that sees a lot of traffic, you want to find a nice focal point for your guests to see.  A beautiful lamp is perfect for that.

Destination Lighting

  • When buying for your bedroom remember that you typically use the light when lying down.  This should fuel you to find a lamp that is smaller than your living room lamp.  When you lay down to read a book, you don’t want the glare of the bulb to be right there in your eyes.  A small but eye catching lamp is perfect.
  • When buying for the dining room or kitchen, make sure you find lighting that does not hang so low it hits your guests in the head but don’t shine so brightly you need sunglasses when you eat!  A nice modern chandelier with smaller watt bulbs if a perfect find for your eating area.


Beautiful Lamps For Your Room

Beautiful Lamps For Your Room

The key to finding beautiful lamps for your room is to make sure the lamp will fit with your esthetic.  I have totally bought a lamp in the store and when I got it home, it looked totally out of place.  When I was offered the chance to review something from a great store called Destination Lighting, I was so excited. With Destination Lighting, you can find  table lamps, hanging lamps, ceiling fixtures as well as pairs of table lamps.  I wanted something that was the right height but was also a great focal point.  I found a pair of Trent Missoula lamps ($79.95 for the pair) that were so gorgeous and fit in my design effortlessly.  We have dark brown furniture (just ask Jennifer) and the varying shades of off white and browns added such an elegant touch.  The lamps were absolutely east to assemble and the lamp shade was so pretty. I have bought lamps that didn’t have a lamp shade, so I was super stoked that the lamps came with a shade.   They even came with a 3 way bulb!  How great is that!!  I loved the linen look of the shades and they go so well with the lamp.  I could not be happier with how well the lamps looked in my family room as well as my kitchen.  We don’t have a chandelier, so I wanted to have some light in the room that could be used as a night light.  My husband and I both have bouts of insomnia and at some point; we both usually end up in the kitchen looking for snacks.  I love how my new lamp cast a soft light that was perfect for what we needed.

One reader will win a pair of Trent Missoula lamps ($79.95) with shades and a 3 way light bulb.

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  1. I am entering this contest because the Trent Missoula lamp IS my favorite lamp! I love the mother of pearl insets!

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