How To Choose The Best Watch For MenI am a woman, so therefore I have no idea how to choose the best watch for men.  My husband announced recently that he needed a new watch and I was not happy.  You see, my husband is a bit on the picky side and the last time he needed a watch it was tedious trying to find one.  I am not kidding when I tell you I bought and returned 4 watches for him, and I have been told that was 3 more times than most wives would have!  In an effort to buy the best watch possible, I decided to do a search and see what wise old Mr. Google had to say.  Here is his sage advice:

How To Choose The Best Watch For Men

  • Style: Style is an important part of the decision making.  Find out if your man prefers dress, casual, sports or designer.
  • Size: Size matters when it comes to buying a watch, so you need to ask if your sweetheart wants a small or large faced watch.
  • Shape: You have several options to choose from here, including round, square, rectangular, and hexagonal.
  • Finish: Do you think your man wants silver, gold, gold plated, plastic, wood or something different altogether?
  • Performance: Find out if you should choose a simple watch that tells time only or if you need to purchase one that has many features, like an alarm, stopwatch and other cool options.
  • Type: You can choose from analog or digital, both of which are a good choice. 
  • Brand: There are many good brands of watches, so you should take a look at what the company has to offer as well as how competitive their prices are. I have found one company that has some very cool watches at very affordable prices and that company is Phosphor Watches.

Making The Right Choice In A Watch

I hoped I was making the right choice in a watch for Chris, so I went to a company known for their quality products.  If I wasn’t sure if Phosphor was a good choice, all I had to do was look at the tons of celebrities who wear their brand.  You can found American Idol stars, basketball heroes, reality television stars and more who swear by the watches from Phosphor.  What I found absolutely cool was the touch screen watches you can find at Phosphor!  I never had seen one, so I thought they were really neat.  My husband has this thing against touchscreen anything, so I knew that style wouldn’t do.  I finally settled on the World Time Curved E Ink digital watch ($175.00).  This watch is a pretty simple style that is still very fashionable and will look great for dressy occasions or a more dressed down event.  The watch offers 24 time zones, with the option of a dual time zone or just one.  You can also adjust the watch to show the current time and date if you prefer.  The watch is ultra-thin and the digital display is just amazing.  I am pretty sure he is going to love this watch when he opens in on the 14th!


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