Whether you were already pregnant when your friend got engaged or you became pregnant after agreeing to be a bridesmaid, accommodating a pregnant bridesmaid can really complicate bridesmaid dress shopping. So much so that this is actually one of the top questions we receive from customers. If you’re a bride who’s looking for a dress to suit your bridesmaid who is waiting on her baby’s big arrival, or you’re a bridesmaid with a bump doing a bit of shopping around, we’re here to give you some quick and helpful tips on how to choose the perfect maternity bridesmaid dress. Let’s check the pretty dresses below!

  1. How to Choose the Right Dress Size

Ever-Pretty Printed Knee Length Dress

Depending on how far along you’ll be on the big day it can be really hard to predict what size bridesmaid dress you’ll need. If the wedding will fall fairly early in your pregnancy you may still be able to wear your normal size or just one size up. However, if the wedding will fall in your third trimester we highly recommend waiting as long as possible before ordering your dress. No one can truly predict how much your body will change during pregnancy so the longer you wait the more accurate size you will be able to order. If you can’t wait any longer, then a general rule of thumb is to add one inch for each month of pregnancy. It is also a good idea to order a size bigger than what you think you’ll need as it is much easier to take a dress in then to let it out. When possible we highly recommend choosing a dress that has adjustable elements, such as a bridesmaid dress with a corset back, that will allow you to customize the fit day of.

  • How to Choose the Right Fabric

Comfort is the key when choosing a maternity bridesmaid dress. Flowing chiffon fabric is always a flattering choice for a pregnant bridesmaid because it is light and flows nicely over your bump. Whenever possible, look for fabrics that have some stretch. This will help you feel as comfortable as possible during the wedding plus it will put less pressure on your bump.

  • How to Choose the Right Style of Bridesmaid Dress

Having a pregnant bridesmaid may be a great opportunity to try out the mix and match bridesmaid dress trend. Give your bridesmaids guidelines for color and length but let them choose a silhouette that best fits each of their bodies. If having all your bridesmaids match is important to you, then you will need to select a dress that can accommodate all of their bodies. For pregnant bridesmaids, empire waist dresses are a godsend. With an empire waist bridesmaid dresses, the waistline will sit comfortably above the bump and the fabric will flow nicely over the lower half of the body. This is a flattering option for all body types and lends a romantic feel to your bridesmaid dresses. In addition, printed dresses can “reduce” the visibility of a baby bump and are another fun trend to try.

Lastly, we want to say to all the pregnant bridesmaids, hey, embrace your beautiful pregnant body! There are definitely great options regardless of how far along you are, so don’t let being pregnant discourage you. Find your perfect bridesmaid dress and more cheap bridesmaid dresses from Ever-Pretty, for a fun shopping experience that won’t break the bank!