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How To Cut Out 500 Calories A Day From Your Diet

Cut Out 500 Calories A Day

When dieting, I am sure everyone would like to know how to cut out 500 calories a day from their intake. I love to drink soda, but I prefer diet, so I am not in danger of gaining weight by drinking it.  If you drink just 2 cans of Cola per day, you are taking in an additional 2,000 calories per week.  You gain one pound for each 3,200 calories you take in above what you would normally burn in a day.  So, if you were to drink 3 Colas a day, you would gain one pound per week.  That is just too easy!  I was interested in finding ways to cut calories from my diet each day and this is what I found:

  • Portion Control:  Many people try to guess what serving is instead of actually measuring.  We tend to go way over on servings and that can be a huge mistake.  A cup of granola can cost you upwards of 600 calories while a cup of whole grain cereal is only 110.  There is almost 500 calories right there!
  • Just Say No:  If you say no thank you to adding mayo to your sandwich and you opt for a salad instead of fries, you are saving 500 calories with this.
  • Sweets: If you make the switch from a piece of layer cake with frosting to pound cake with fresh berries and low fat whipped topping, you are saving yourself almost 500 calories.
  • Soda: If you are drinking regular cola, you are adding unnecessary calories to your diet.  Many call these empty calories in that they do not do anything to fill you up.  If you make the switch to water, you can save yourself from gaining almost a pound per week.  If you wanted to add flavored water instead of plain, you can try one of the delicious flavored waters from Omega 3 Water.

What To Drink Besides Water That Is Healthy

If you are dieting, you have probably looked for what to drink besides water that is healthy.  You need to be cautious when choosing flavored water because they are not all created equal.  I have found that although water is flavored, there can still be calories in there that you don’t need. The other issue is drinking water that can enhance your health.  The folks at Omega 3 Water have developed a product that is low in the calorie department but high in the healthy fatty acid called Omega 3.  You may have head of the supplement you can take that will give your body the much needed fatty acid that your body does not produce on its own.  What a great way to combine water with Omega 3’s to give you water that can help you in many area of your health.  My family loved the Bold Berry the best, although our neighbor really loves the Orange Kiwi.  What a great way to sneak in some much needed nutrients without anyone in the family knowing it!

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