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How To Digg Tutorial With Pictures

Digg is a useful tool to bring more traffic to your blog. Since I started using Stumble Upon, my traffic has increased 800+ visits a month. Digg is a similar tool and can bring the same results. So why wouldn’t a blogger want to use this tool? For most of us traffic translates to ad impressions which translates to money in our pockets.

Digg is so easy and simple to use, and after I show you how with pictures, I am sure you will all jump on board!

After going to Digg.com, you will come to a log on/join Digg screen. Click join Digg and fill out your information. I connected via Facebook right of the bat so I would not have to transfer more info over. 

After you sign up, you will come to this screen. Take the time and connect to your twitter, Facebook, and gmail (Google) account. It takes under a minute to do so and increases your audience. I did not “find people” at this time, but that is also a great way to connect with others.

This is how you can find your settings, upload a picture, etc. Under the settings tab you can fill out a short bio as well. One tab over is notifications, go in there and set your email notifications to how you like it. You can also set how you view Digg and add your blog under Links.

To make Digging others post easier, I suggest you download an extension for your toolbar:

Chrome, Firefox, IE –could not find (why are you still using this browser?)

On Chrome, when you are at a web page, just click the Digg icon and then click submit. (I also showed you what the Linky tool and +1 Google look like on my chrome toolbar)

Now that we have the toolbar extension installed, are at a webpage we want to submit, and have clicked the Digg icon and submit, you will get this screen. It automatically pulls from the Title of the post as well as the description from the meta tags. Most often our categories will fall under lifestyle, entertainment, or technology. Click the Green Digg It button. 




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