If you’re the kind of guy who likes to look like he’s not wearing socks because they just don’t flatter the rest of your ensemble, it’s time to look into an option somewhere between going sans socks and trying to rock something that’s almost no-show, but enough “show” to wreck your swagger.

Going sockless

If you’ve tried to go the ankle sock route and find yourself frustrated with those couple of inches that do show, you might have looked around for a truly no show sock and come up even more frustrated with the results. No show socks should be exactly what they sound like — the only person who should know you’re wearing them is you. If the pairs of “invisible socks” you continue to buy continue to let you down, you’re not looking in the right place — Nice Laundry offers a swell set of honest to goodness no show socks that only your feet can compliment you on — unless you happen to be sliding around the house shoeless a la “Risky Business.”

sockless shoes

But no show socks have other duties to fulfill besides being undetectable to the rest of the world: they should be comfortable, keep your feet from sweating, and protect your shoes from getting stinky. After all, if they don’t do these things, you may as well just go without socks anyway.

In order for true no show socks to be comfortable, they need some help from the technological advances in the textile and apparel industries. For example, they should be made of a blend of cotton, spandex, and nylon for superior comfort, to wick away moisture, and to provide a true barrier between the shoes and your feet.

High quality no show socks offer something else most people don’t think they’ll need until they’re walking down the street or around the office with socks that have slipped down, strangling the arch of the foot with the cuff or a crumpled up gusset. The best no show socks will keep this from happening with non-slip silicone that is strategically placed in areas of the sock’s sole, including the ankle. When your socks have silicone grip, you can say goodbye to all that incessant reaching down to pull socks out of the foot of your shoe or having to constantly take your shoes off to put your socks back in place.

Nice Laundry gets the job done with all these assets — and in fun prints on a premium cotton blend.