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How To Get Smooth Legs For Summer

It’s finally warming up here in Florida! Alright, I’m kidding, it’s been warm since December. Now it’s just getting hot. Hot weather normally means dry skin, especially if you got too much sun the day before. Now, my background is Irish, Italian and German. This basically means that my sensitive skin burns in roughly 10 minutes and my hair grows in dark and thick. Most days I have to skip shaving because the irritation that happens can be just as bad as a little stubble, if not worse! Obviously this routine is much easier to maintain during our cooler “winter” months. Once it really heats up it becomes almost impossible to wear pants outside! Since it’s May and already 90 degrees, I knew I had to do something to get my legs ready for the hottest months to come.

4 Tips To Achieving Smooth Legs For Summer

  1. Exfoliate This step might be just as important as any. Exfoliating your legs allows you to slough off those dead skin cells that have accumulated under your winter wardrobe in order for you to achieve that healthy, summer glow.
  2. Good Razor A good razor is an essential tool to getting the perfect smooth legs for summer. There are many different razors that you can choose from, but the best razors are those that you splurge on. Also, razors should never be used more than 3 times in order to prevent razor burn.
  3. Shave Properly Prior to shaving your legs, it is important to prep your skin for the blades. You want to make sure you shave during a warm shower and after your hair has had the opportunity to soften. Nighttime is the best time to get a close shave due to the fact that your skin tends to swell in the morning.
  4. Moisturize This is an important step during and after shaving. You always want to use a great shaving cream that helps to lift your hair follicle to prep for the blades, as well as lubricate and moisturize the skin during the process. After shaving, it’s important to lock the moisture in and prevent razor burn by applying a moisturizer. It is an added bonus if that moisturizer also inhibits hair growth, since that will help to lessen irritation during future shave sessions.

I am a woman that typically uses her husbands shaving products because, well, I feel like they just work better. I loved everything about them except for the smell. Why couldn’t there be a similar product out there for women? In order to better prepare my legs for summer, I was given the opportunity to try Whish Body Products. Whish Body Products were inspired by a woman who felt that she got her best shave when she used her husband’s shaving products. This wonderful husband went on to create a line of  bathing products just for women. I selected the Whish Shave Crave Shaving Cream and Shave Savour, both in the delicious Pomegranate flavor. What I love the most about these products is the fact that they are made from organic ingredients with absolutely no sulfates or parabans. The Shave Crave Shaving Cream is unique in that it goes on as a translucent silky cream so that you can actually see where you are shaving. It leaves my skin smooth and smelling delicious. My usual shaving irritation has also drastically decreased! The Shave Savour is my new secret weapon. I slather this delicious gel over my arms and legs after each shower. Since it is a gel, it feels like it might be too wet to be moisturizing but boy was I wrong! This wonder gel uses aloe as a main ingredient and once it dries, my skin feels unbelievably and lastingly smooth! As an added bonus, my hair is going to begin growing back slower and slower! Whish Body Products can be purchased at Nordstrom at a price of $20-$26.

Do you have any secrets for achieving smooth legs for summer?

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