Get The Beach Body You Want

Get the Beach Body You Want

Have you been searching for how to get the beach body you want?  I live in Southwest Florida so I’m always looking for new ways to stay active and in shape.  It is beach season January to December here so its important to exercise and eat healthy all year long.  I try to get to the gym as much as I can but I believe that good nutrition has a lot to do with not only how my body looks but my energy level.  Collagen Sport sent me a sample of their French Vanilla dietary supplement to review.

Powder Protein Supplements

There are many powder protein supplements on the market.  It can be overwhelming to chose what is the best product on the market if you don’t have an understanding of protein supplements and their benefits.  Collagen Sport is a “4-in-1” whey isolate complex created to Refuel, Recover, Regenerate and Replenish.  I had heard these five “R’s” before but never really understood what they were or what their importance was.  Collagen Sport is made with whey protein isolate which is the preferred form of protein and is not made with any whey concentrates or blends.  Whey Protein is loaded with branch chain amino acids (BCAAs) that are metabolized directly by the muscles.  Collagen Sport is loaded with high effective and high performance proteins to help you refuel before or after a workout.  The proteins in Collagen Sport will also help you recover after a workout.  Loaded with amnio acids glycine, proline, hydroxyproline and hydroxlysine, Collagen Sport helps improve flexibility, recover muscles after a hard workout and increase strength.  Regeneration is also an important part of a protein supplement.  Collagen Sport contains L-glutamine which is essential in the muscle synthesis and regeneration.  Finally, you need to replenish your body after a hard workout.  Collagen Sport provides your daily dose of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.  The Pomegranate extract in Collagen Sport is full of antioxidants that help to fight free radicals that are created during exercise, thereby decreasing cell damage.  Collagen Sport is a 4 in 1 supplement to help you refuel, recover, regenerate and replenish after your workouts.

Muscle Recovery and Growth

After much research and trying different products on the market, I believe that Collagen Sport is one of the best supplements for muscle recovery and growth on the market.  Collagen Sport is full of whey protein isolate, bioavailable peptides, branch chain amino acids (BCAAs) as well as L-Glutamine, exogenous amnios, multivitamins and minerals.  This combination helps not only with muscle recovery but creates healthy ligaments and tendons and has anti-aging benefits.  Collagen Sport is gluten free, sugar free, lactose free with no artificial sweetners or flavors.  So I’m sure you are wondering how it tastes right?  I was sent the Collagen Sport French Vanilla flavor to review.  Although I’m usually a chocolate fan, I loved the creamy flavor of the French Vanilla.  One level scoop has approximately 30g of protein, which is 60% of your daily value.  I first tried the French Vanilla supplement mixed with 8 oz of low fat milk.  It dissolved easily and was smooth to drink.  I wanted to try something different so I made a protein shake in the blender mixing the French Vanilla Collagen Sport with ice and some orange juice.  It tasted like an orange creamsicle!  I am always searching for a post-workout drink that not only helps me refuel my body but one that tastes great!  I would recommend the Collagen Sport French Vanilla for anyone looking for a great tasting, highly effective protein supplement!  The Collagen Sport French Vanilla dietary supplement retails for $49.95 for the 47.6 oz container.  Looking forward to trying the Belgium Chocolate flavor soon!  Follow Collagen Sport on Facebook for the latest product information.

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