As kids have been enjoying a long summer holiday period – it can be a big adjustment for them in terms of getting back to the everyday life of school.  It can also be an adjustment for the parents!  As the summer holidays are now ending, we have put some tips together as to how you can make this transition easier on you all as a family.

Create a Checklist

There is a lot of stuff to put in place to get your kids sorted for school irrespective of whether they are going into primary 1 or 3rd year in high school.  To avoid any stress, create a checklist of things you need to arrange.  It could be anything from filling in relevant school documents – to ensuring they are signed up to extra-curricular activities.  There are some great checklist apps you can get on your phone, that you can tick off as you go. 

Shop for Fun Stationery

Try and make the thought of going back to school a positive experience for them.  You could go on a day out with your child and make a shopping list of school items they will need for going back.  Shopping for new stationery and back packs can be a lot of fun, especially if they are themed around some of their favourite things.  While you are there, maybe go for a nice lunch and talk about their subjects and what they are most looking forward to. 

Get them in their Sleep Routine in Advance

One bad habit that is usually picked up during school holidays is sleeping in late, and it can be a tough one to break after a long period of time.  To avoid lots of battles in the morning – try and prepare for this a while in advance.  That way when the mornings are already a little more rushed when preparing to go to school – there will be less drama. 

Get them Excited about Study

If you have an older child reaching their teens – it can be a little more difficult getting them excited about studying and keeping them motivated.  The reality is once they start to realise the benefits of it and enjoy it – it will become much less of a hassle for them.  If you motivate your children to study, you will see that they have a better overall experience at school and achieve better academic results.

Give them Something to Look Forward to

Although they are back at school, it won’t be long until there is another holiday period. Make sure that there is an activity planned out during that next break that they can look forward to.  That way they can also focus on fun things too.  It doesn’t need to be anything too expensive – a nice family fun day will do the trick.

 If you are getting your child ready to go back to school – and want to make sure it goes off without a hitch, make sure you take these things into consideration.