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My kids are not very interested in brushing their teeth these days. I wonder what it is about puberty that makes some kids become so uninterested in their hygiene. I have been trying to find a way to make brushing their teeth more fun but to no avail. I have tried using fun songs, fruity flavored toothpaste and even a reward system. So far, I have not found anything that has worked very well. I hate to nag them, but if I back off, they go to bed with yucky teeth. Finally, I heard about a product that has a unique way of monitoring your brushing habits. I thought this may be something the kids would think was fun to keep up with. With the Beam Brush, your phone can help you keep up with your brushing routine.

Get Your Kids To Brush Their Teeth

Get Your Kids To Brush Their Teeth

You know how your kids act when you take them to a friend’s house? Perfect children to the point where the other kids mom says they are so well behaved? Then you get them home and they are bouncing off the walls and acting crazy? Well, instead of nagging to get your kids to brush their teeth, let the Beam Toothbrush do it! With this clever product, you download the free app, sync your Beam Brush and get to scrubbing those pearly whites! From there on, you can monitor your brushing habits on the free app. It can tell you the days you brushed, how often you brushed and if you missed a brushing. By letting the kids see how they are doing on the phone, they take more ownership and pride in their habits. The kids have really enjoyed “stealing” my phone so they can see how they did and compared to the other one.

The mission of Beam Technologies is to get people engaged in their health and wellness. By creating the “daily touch” technology, they are able to do this via the phone app. The Beam Brush is the first of its kind, which is not hard to believe as they are leaders and innovators in the digital oral health industry. I am enjoying watching my kids get excited about brushing. More so, I love that they are taking these small steps towards becoming a more responsible person. You can purchase the Beam Brush from their website in blue or pink for $49.99 as well as replacement heads for $3.99.

One USA reader will win one Beam Brush ($49.99) in their choice of color


  1. I want the blue beam brush for my son. He needs to brush better. Thanks for the chance to win.

  2. I like the blue one for my grandson so he can stay positive, focused & on a better track record with brushing his teeth (more often with out…a fuss..) and because the Beam Brush offers a way to monitor his success, I think he would be more apt to keep up the good work on it. Thanks

  3. I like the pink version for my daughter. Would be nice to see if she’s doing what needs to be done without having to sit and watch her every time.

  4. I just saw this on a re-run of the dr’s yesterday. I like both the blue and purple.

  5. Wow, I think this may interest my going through puberty teen as well.. Very cool app too! The Beam brush!

  6. I think it’s an interesting idea and would love to see how well it cleans and if the kids brush or play around with it 🙂


  7. I’d like one in each color, because I have several kids, and they could be organized that way, with each kid having their specific color, as that is an issue in my house.

  8. I think it’s a cool concept, though the brush doesn’t look like it would be very efficient! How well did it get teeth clean?

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